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Lessons Learned From a First Job

lessons of first jobs

A first job can teach you a lot about yourself. It helps you discover your strengths and weaknesses. Your experiences, whether good or bad, can assist in shaping the rest of your career endeavors. Most people move on to new careers after their first job, but some advance within the company that they started in. […]

The Art of the Thank You Letter

send a thank you letter

Interviewing is a process that everyone has to go through before landing a job, and there are specific steps that you should follow after your meeting to display your interest in the role and show the hiring managers that you are serious about first impressions. If you take the proper steps after the completion of […]

Is Community College The Right Investment?

Community college investment

There are many options that you are able to choose from, when it comes to your education after high school. For many years, people believed that you had to either go to college or go straight into a career in order to support yourself and your family. College was the only choice that was available […]

5 Qualities That Will Help You Become a Leader at Work

Leading at Work

Today, every workplace brings employees a number of challenges. Regardless of what company you work with or what job position you’re holding, you should possess the qualities of a leader. Those that get on-the-job promotion quickly are the ones who show interest in leading people and demonstrate leadership effectively. If you got a job recently […]

Professional Photography – An Ideal Outlet to Express Creativity

Life of a photographer

There are several occupations that provide people with an opportunity to let their creative juices flowing. One of the best, as far as I think, is professional photography. It’s not just a lucrative career option, but it’s also one of those fields where you get a chance to help people see something from a different,and […]