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Peter is a Senior Managing Consultant at Wenulima Pty, a broad-based consultancy company which specializes in social media, content marketing, hospitality, languages and business management. He's well known as a corporate and personal social media branding strategist. He regularly coaches individuals in key areas like leadership and management.

5 Qualities That Will Help You Become a Leader at Work

Leading at Work

Today, every workplace brings employees a number of challenges. Regardless of what company you work with or what job position you’re holding, you should possess the qualities of a leader. Those that get on-the-job promotion quickly are the ones who show interest in leading people and demonstrate leadership effectively. If you got a job recently […]

Why You Need Good Records of Your Professional Achievements

Employee Health

As a jobseeker or an employee or even as a graduate who’ll soon be taking on the challenges of the real world, it’s important to keep good records of all your professional achievements. In the employment world, all that matters is results. Employers don’t just want to see what skills you carry. What they’re actually […]

Do You Want to Become a Secretary?

Information about secretary work

Secretaries are professionals that make the functioning of an office in an organization smooth and effective. Though you must have met a lot of secretaries in different companies, how would you like working as one? Depending on an organization’s structure and day-to-day activities, the role of a secretary is a highly crucial one. In fact, […]

Professional Photography – An Ideal Outlet to Express Creativity

Life of a photographer

There are several occupations that provide people with an opportunity to let their creative juices flowing. One of the best, as far as I think, is professional photography. It’s not just a lucrative career option, but it’s also one of those fields where you get a chance to help people see something from a different,and […]