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Top 5 Green Tech Jobs

green tech jobs

These days, nearly every consumer, homeowner and business has a focus on energy efficiency.  The trend continues to grow stronger, making green tech jobs a high demand field. Energy efficiency, renewable energy and recycling, as well as other practices all set the standards for a green economy, and a job marketplace that will continue to […]

5 Professional Appearance Tips for the Working Woman

womens wardrobe

The amount of effort that women put into their professional appearance in the workplace reflects their level of self-respect and confidence.  Many times the impact of a sharp wardrobe, as well as attention to skin and hair care, can be heavily underestimated when it comes to their effect on a woman’s career.  Not only can […]

Commuter Productivity

commuter productivity

Most Americans commute to work between thirty minutes and one hour each way. That’s potentially ten hours per week or more spent behind the wheel or sitting on public transportation. That’s a lot of time!  Some might commute even more depending on the circumstances. Have you ever though about making this time as productive as […]

Four Work Qualities to Improve on in the New Year

new year work advice

Nobody likes change.  Throughout the year, we start to realize deep down certain aspects of ourselves and our work we can improve on, but figure we will address it at another time.  Making these small changes could make our lives so much easier, yet it is so difficult sometimes to actually find the time to […]

Getting Your Foot in the Door

landing a promotion

In the pursuit of a new job, you fire off resume after resume online.  You’ve got the education, the skills, even some admirable experience.  But you just feel that somehow your job applications are disappearing into cyberspace unnoticed.  You may be qualified for the job, but so are hundreds of other people.  Their resumes along […]

Standing Out From the Pack

standing out from the pack

New jobs are becoming more and more competitive. The internet has provided jobseekers with the necessary resources to research, find, and apply for jobs. When you are looking for work you need to make yourself stand out from the pack. Give your potential employer a great reason to remember you. If you start through making […]

The Life of an Order Filler

order filling careers

Is Order Fulfillment For You? The landscape of the retail industry is constantly evolving. The reign of big box retail stores is slowly coming to an end as people realize the convenience and cost effectiveness of using an online retailer. These companies are forced to adjust and expand their own e-commerce programs. As a result, […]