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Five Features to Look for in a Commuter Car

commuter cars

So you’ve landed your dream job, but it’s quite a hike from your home, especially considering you will be traveling there with the rest of the world in highway traffic.   Or maybe you have been commuting by automobile for a while now, but would like to find a way to make your journey more comfortable […]

Best Commuter Cars 2015

best commuter cars

Find yourself driving into the office on a daily basis? If so, having a great commuter car is a good investment. This list isn’t about luxury. It’s about cost efficiency and overall comfort. You’ll be spending a significant percentage of your weekly time in and around your car, so picking the right vehicle is of […]

Commuter Productivity

commuter productivity

Most Americans commute to work between thirty minutes and one hour each way. That’s potentially ten hours per week or more spent behind the wheel or sitting on public transportation. That’s a lot of time!  Some might commute even more depending on the circumstances. Have you ever though about making this time as productive as […]

Tips for Commuters

tips for commuters

If you commute to work with your own car, as many Americans do, you need to consider many different points including safety, gas efficiency, and time. Sure it might save you some money to drive your gas efficient car to work in the city, but will sitting in traffic and paying for parking outweigh these […]