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How Technology has Redefined the Workplace

tech in the workplace

It’s no doubt that technological innovations in recent years have changed the way many companies conduct business, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for both employees and clients. Tools like Skype (which allows for instant messaging, voice and video chat to and from anyone, anywhere in the world) have made rich, productive communication […]

Top 5 Endangered Jobs

endangered american jobs

As American industry progresses, we are seeing many careers that were once prominent either leave the job market or get outsourced overseas. Many industries have seen a rise and fall, and it’s due to the ever changing economic conditions and the ability to produce merchandise and hire workers overseas. For example, the manufacturing industry was […]

Tips for Commuters

tips for commuters

If you commute to work with your own car, as many Americans do, you need to consider many different points including safety, gas efficiency, and time. Sure it might save you some money to drive your gas efficient car to work in the city, but will sitting in traffic and paying for parking outweigh these […]