How Technology has Redefined the Workplace

tech in the workplace

It’s no doubt that technological innovations in recent years have changed the way many companies conduct business, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for both employees and clients. Tools like Skype (which allows for instant messaging, voice and video chat to and from anyone, anywhere in the world) have made rich, productive communication achievable in a whole new way.  And functions such as screensharing and filesharing allow people in different time zones to work together in the same way they would if they were sitting next to one another in an office.  Social media also humanizes workplace communication in many ways as well, and keeps busy business colleagues connected.

Not only have these developments increased the productivity of many companies and their employees, they have also made lives easier in several ways:

Better Communication

Because technology has allowed for communication to take place instantaneously since cell phones, computers and tablets can be brought anywhere, we are more likely to reach people when we need them.  Also, someone is less likely to forget what their co-worker tells or asks of them if it is in an e-mail or Skype message, as opposed to having it uttered in a noisy office.

Some may feel at times that with technology as computerized as it has become today, they will not develop a deep enough connection with their co-workers, but it is simply a matter of utilizing the technology properly to make it most effective.  In fact, it is because of technology that our options of who we can work and communicate with in regards to business needs have expanded.  Many businesses today have teams from all over the world, sharing a plethora of ideas and visions.  An article entitled Workplace Transformation and the Changing Nature of Work speaks of globalization and how it has revolutionized business, stating that “on the positive side, working with diverse teams provides more powerful insight into issues/challenges as people gain new and different perspectives.”  Gone are the days of cold, ambiguous e-mails and files that won’t download.  Technology today has been humanized to a level where almost anything is possible.

Easier Commute

Being able to work from anywhere as a result of technology enables many to not only save a lot of money, but also time in transportation.  Many employees that work out of their homes or mobile offices are not only less stressed without having a long commute, but they are also able to devote more time to their work.  And as a result issues such as the weather don’t interrupt business.  Technology has also allowed job opportunities for so many to expand immensely.  If a prospect in New York has a business connection offering them a job in San Francisco, chances are higher than ever that they could take the job without having to uproot their entire life.  Same thing with many companies overseas.  Location no longer has to rule out a valuable job prospect that has much to offer.

Happier Lives for Employees

The ability to work from virtually anywhere in this day and age makes it a thousand times more convenient for employees to still live happy, fulfilling lives without having to sacrifice the quality of their work.  When issues such as physical ailments limit a person’s mobility, they can still get work done to the best of their ability while having time to heal in the comfort of their own home.  Vacation is no longer as big of an issue, since many employees nowadays still stay in touch with their workplace while they are away.  And if any issues come up that require consultation from someone on vacation, they are always just an e-mail or Skype call away. Finally, the ability to work and communicate remotely allows employees to have a presence in their families that simply was not possible years ago.  This enables parents to take longer maternity leave, make it to more sports games and dance recitals, and be there for their sick children.  In the end, this benefits not only the employee, but the company as well.

As our lives and jobs become more and more fast-paced, technology grows with the times to accommodate us.  Things don’t have to be as black and white as they once were, and lucky for us, technological advancements make it easier to exist in the gray area.

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