Tips for Commuters

tips for commutersIf you commute to work with your own car, as many Americans do, you need to consider many different points including safety, gas efficiency, and time. Sure it might save you some money to drive your gas efficient car to work in the city, but will sitting in traffic and paying for parking outweigh these benefits? You need to be a smart commuter, and weigh all these options. If you are currently in the market looking for a car, you need to start looking at gas efficiency, unless you need a large truck or SUV. Assuming you have a long commute to and from work every day, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars per month by going green.

The average American spends about twenty five minutes each way on their daily work commute. This is hundreds of hours per year you’ll be spending behind the wheel. Many people who live in urban centers have no need for a car, because public transportation is affordable and parking is usually a nightmare. If you are looking to buy a new vehicle, there are many things you need to consider. If you have a short commute to work, then maybe gas efficiency just is not that important to you. So, you should consider buying a car that you enjoy driving and fits into your price range. Value comfort and drivability over gas efficiency, because it’s not going to have a significant effect on your bottom line. If you are considering a used car, there are many great options, and dealerships will offer warranties and special promotions on certified pre-owned vehicles. Cars lose most of their value within the first three years, so it could be smart to take on the financial burden once the car has already lost its value. With that being said, most people would prefer to buy a brand new car, because you know that it was never abused and can be certain that the regular maintenance schedule was not neglected.

Go Green

If you have a long commute, you should really consider buying a hybrid vehicle. Some of them can get over 50 mpg, which could end up saving you some serious cash. There is also the option to buy an electric vehicle, but the downside is that you need to make sure that you have the ability to charge it. You’d need to set up a station in your home that is capable of charging your vehicle. Also, it usually takes a few hours or more to fully charge one of these vehicles, and with the distance limitations, it’s just not a reality for some people. However, there are still cheaper options for electric powered cars. If your commute is short enough definitely consider them. Even though they don’t use gas, the EPA has estimated the MPG by comparing energy costs, and some electric vehicles can get over 100 MPG. If you can overcome the challenges of owning an electric vehicle and have a good place to charge it at home or at work, then you should definitely consider it, because it’s a smart investment for someone who commutes regularly. You just need to make sure that you are always within your radius so you don’t end up getting stuck.

Make the right decision

So, if you are a regular commuter and considering purchasing a new vehicle, you need to weigh several options before making the leap. Always keep in mind that the value of the car will depreciate, so if you are planning on putting a ton of miles on it in the first three years, you might want to consider your options for used vehicles. Let somebody else eat the depreciation costs. High mileage lowers the value, but this is less significant once you pass the three year mark. Buying a new car is very exciting, but just make sure that you pick the right one! 

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