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Is Order Fulfillment For You?

The landscape of the retail industry is constantly evolving. The reign of big box retail stores is slowly coming to an end as people realize the convenience and cost effectiveness of using an online retailer. These companies are forced to adjust and expand their own e-commerce programs. As a result, warehouse jobs are popping up all across the country. Employees are filling orders, sending shipments, unloading merchandise from 18-wheelers, and operating forklifts to store merchandise on racks and keep it organized. There are plenty of jobs available during all shifts, and if this type of work interests you then read along.

Nature of the Work

Working in a warehouse has its ups and downs. There is always room for advancement in these types of positions, but you will likely start on the lower end of the totem pole if you don’t have experience or an educational background. Filling orders is a highly repetitive task, and you’ll likely be on your feet for most of the day. It requires an ability to track and maintain inventory, and ensure that each customer is receiving the correct product in a timely manner. Moving product might require operation of equipment such as motorized pallet jacks or forklifts. If you can deal with light physical labor and can be 100% accurate when repetitively filling your orders, then maybe order fulfillment is the job for you.

Part Time / Full Time

One of the great things about order fulfillment and other warehouse jobs is that you will have the opportunity to work any shift. This makes the career an excellent option for full time and part time workers. Online retail is a busy industry, and there is always work that needs to get done. If you are looking for a part time job for supplemental income, this is an excellent option. Take a look at some of the local warehouses in your area. There will be plenty of opportunity for overtime, which can significantly boost your income. Just be aware that the work can be physically taxing since you will be on your feet all day, so plan accordingly. However, most jobs are considered entry-level, and will consider workers with a high school diploma.

Importance of Order Fillers

In the grand scheme of things, order fillers have an incredibly important job. Without them, companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Apple, and Staples would struggle to turn a profit. The demand for order fillers will always rise during the holiday season, so the chance to work in a seasonal capacity is always there. Reliable packaging workers are in high demand. Retailers all around the country have adopted these programs after realizing that most Americans are more interested in having their product delivered directly to their doorstep. It is a convenient and efficient process.

Important Things to Remember

If you think becoming an order filler is for you, there are several important considerations you need to keep in mind before you start working. Understand that your pay will be slightly above minimum wage, but that there is always room for advancement in these types of positions. It could lead to a job as a shift leader or a production manager, which could potentially put you in the $30,000-$65,000 per year range. (Production leader pays on the higher end of that range) However, if you display complacency with your current role it’s unlikely that a promotion lies in your future. Also, know that this type of work can be physically demanding. You will bend, stretch, lift, and twist throughout your shift, so it’s important to practice good lifting habits. With that being said, these jobs are constantly popping up all over the country and the opportunities are plentiful. Find them in the search box above.

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    I have worked in a warehouse as well as a factory before. Interested in joining the team. Please contact me. My name is Shantell Montanez and I have great work history, very interested in what hours u have available as well as pay rates.


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