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Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees of 2015

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For young adults entering college, it can be a really tough call deciding which major to focus on.  Incoming college students have so much to consider, and future income can often fall by the wayside in this decision making process.  And since college itself can seem like such a huge undertaking (regardless of the major), […]

Top 5 Green Tech Jobs

green tech jobs

These days, nearly every consumer, homeowner and business has a focus on energy efficiency.  The trend continues to grow stronger, making green tech jobs a high demand field. Energy efficiency, renewable energy and recycling, as well as other practices all set the standards for a green economy, and a job marketplace that will continue to […]

Four Roles for Saving the Planet

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The world consumes natural resources at an unsustainable rate, so monitoring and regulating our consumption are paramount in guaranteeing access to clean air and water into the future. Heavily industrialized countries with limited regulations have shown us just how serious pollution and unsustainable practices can be to the local environment. Need proof? Check out some […]

Top 5 Jobs for the Environmentally Cautious

environmental jobs

Whether or not you buy into the notion of global warming, the need for general care and maintenance of the earth’s natural resources cannot be denied. Some people care more than others, but one thing is for certain; there are plenty of jobs available in the environmental industry. The responsibilities differ greatly from job to […]

High Paying Green Jobs

high paying green jobs

The environmental sciences industry is constantly evolving, and the need to switch to alternative energy wherever possible is quickly becoming a popular sentiment. But environmental jobs span much further that. You could be responsible for protecting our nation’s valuable natural resources, like forests, air, water, mined elements, etc. It’s amazing that mankind has developed ways […]

Jobs of the Future

jobs of the future

As America continues to grow and evolve, the job market and positions that are available are changing along with it. Many industries have already begun to die out in America, like manufacturing and customer service or data entry jobs for example. Many of these jobs are cheaper to host overseas, so countries like China have […]

Finding A Green Job

Environmental Careers

Environmental professions at federal and state agencies require experience, a certain level of education, or a combination of both. Some state and county environmental positions require certifications specific to the state of employment. The pay scale for a federal job at agencies such as the Forestry Service, USDA, and EPA is based on experience and […]