Top 5 Jobs for the Environmentally Cautious

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Whether or not you buy into the notion of global warming, the need for general care and maintenance of the earth’s natural resources cannot be denied. Some people care more than others, but one thing is for certain; there are plenty of jobs available in the environmental industry. The responsibilities differ greatly from job to job, but the objective is usually the same. Providing a clean and safe environment for yourself and for those around you. It can be a highly rewarding career. If environmental stewardship and service seem interesting to you, then consider one of the following.

1.)    Park Ranger

Not only will you spend most of your shift outdoors, but you will also ensure the cleanliness and enforce the rules of some of the most beautiful parks in the country. Park Rangers enforce laws and work with local police departments or sheriffs. The average salary for park rangers is $32,000 per year, but it can lead to better opportunities later in your career. Many park rangers go onto careers in law enforcement, law, politics, or environmental policy. It’s a great job. You might be able to land position with a two year associates degree, but a bachelors is significantly more helpful.

2.)    Solar / Windmill Tech

As the renewable energy field continues to expand more and more jobs are created for technicians that specialize in these systems. More and more technical schools and community colleges are offering specialized programs to assist you in finding a job. These types of technicians usually make around $45,000 per year, but pursuing a bachelor’s degree could raise this number significantly. Many highly specialized technicians can make upwards of $60,000 per year. The pay will always go up for specialized labor.

3.)    Environmental Police

Environmental Police officers are just like regular police officers, but their day to day responsibility is different. These officers enforce hunting / fishing laws and regulations, and ensure and all wildlife and natural resources are under protection. The average salary for environmental police officers is $46,000, but there is plenty of opportunity for overtime and the pension will kick in if you retire as an officer. If you care about the safety of fisheries and wildlife, then this is the perfect career.

4.)    Green Designer

There are several different routes you could take to land a job as a green designer. It helps to have an environmental engineering background, but they will also consider other disciplines, such as landscape design. The main responsibility of green designers is to create landscapes or design buildings that use renewable energy more efficiently. The average salary for green designers is $83,000. Your work will have a direct impact on the overall health of your local environment.

5.)    Biofuels Tech

Biofuel can be created through a simply process involving plant oil. There is a growing need for specialists who can carry out this process for small and large scale projects. The creation of biofuels can help power diesel engines, and it is an excellent skill to have. You can earn somewhere in the ballpark of $35,000 per year in this capacity, but it will eventually lead to better jobs in the future. Many biotech firms and educational research institutions are hiring for these positions.

Working in the environmental industry can be an excellent career move. The important thing is to keep an open mind when you are looking for a job because it won’t be easy. Also, be aware of some of the “environmental tech” jobs that are currently out there. The work can be highly dangerous and there are better career options. The responsibilities of an environmental specialist span far and wide, so you will be sure to find an excellent career that suits your interests.

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