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5 of the Most Tragic Mistakes Jobseekers Make

mistakes jobseekers make

There are many steps involved in job hunting, from drafting your resume and cover letter, to finding suitable positions to apply for, to landing and getting through interviews.  Many jobseekers tend to get stuck in the same, comfortable job search habits that they have used for years, neglecting to take a look at what could […]

Not So Fast! Pause Before You Accept That Promotion at Work

promotion at work

In our jobs and careers, many of us feel the drive, along with the pressure, to get ahead.  Society has trained us to obtain more power, make more money, and feel like our skills are being developed and utilized effectively.   When we are giving our all at work, many of us are doing so expecting […]

Best Writing Jobs 2015

writer jobs

Sometimes majoring in liberal arts has negative connotations when it comes to landing a job after graduation. There are a lot of naysayers that recommend focusing on a more specialized career. While it may be true that some liberal arts majors (English, History, Journalism etc.) have trouble finding work, others flourish. It all depends on […]

High Paying Skilled Trades for 2015

best skilled trades

Certain skilled trades are highly specific and therefore well-remunerated. It’s not every day workers find positions quite like these, but once they do, they usually stick around for the long-haul. All of these careers require a technical degree. Each state might also have additional licensure procedures that entry-level workers must follow in order to land […]

4 Great Careers in Television & Radio

radio & television careers

Working in media can be an excellent career move, but finding the right job is challenging. The “foot in the door” concept applies strongly to television and radio jobs, because nobody simply walks into a high-level role without some solid experience. You usually need to take an internship or another entry-level position and work your […]