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5 of the Most Tragic Mistakes Jobseekers Make

mistakes jobseekers make

There are many steps involved in job hunting, from drafting your resume and cover letter, to finding suitable positions to apply for, to landing and getting through interviews.  Many jobseekers tend to get stuck in the same, comfortable job search habits that they have used for years, neglecting to take a look at what could […]

Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees of 2015

starting salary

For young adults entering college, it can be a really tough call deciding which major to focus on.  Incoming college students have so much to consider, and future income can often fall by the wayside in this decision making process.  And since college itself can seem like such a huge undertaking (regardless of the major), […]

College Majors For Career Flexibility

flexible college degrees

When choosing a college degree, students need to think about the big picture. Where will you be in ten years? Twenty years? Many degrees will lock you into one role at one industry for a long-term position, but others provide you with more career options. Having flexibility can be an excellent asset in a turbulent […]

Top 5 Jobs for “Soft” College Majors

jobs for soft majors

Many times when students are attending college they are forewarned about pursuing a major that does not provide ample career opportunities. Majors like history, art history, child and family studies, and religious studies come to mind when discussing this topic. Often times when you pursue one of these majors, the career opportunities after graduation are […]