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The Evolution of Customer Support Jobs

customer support jobs

Among hourly workers at restaurants and retail stores, online job board has identified a new trend beginning to take shape that makes customer support jobs more attractive and rewarding for employees.  This trend is taking place in the form of addition of benefits such as tuition reimbursement for multiple levels of education, health insurance, […]

Highest Paying Bachelor’s Degrees of 2015

starting salary

For young adults entering college, it can be a really tough call deciding which major to focus on.  Incoming college students have so much to consider, and future income can often fall by the wayside in this decision making process.  And since college itself can seem like such a huge undertaking (regardless of the major), […]

No College Degree? No Problem!

no college degree

A college education isn’t for everyone. Frankly, it’s expensive and if you can’t pin down your career interests finding a job becomes difficult. The government provides access to quality education in the form of student loans, but it can be a crippling financial burden years after finishing school. Education is always a good investment, but […]

Green Jobs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

environmental jobs

Each and every day America is becoming more and more environmentally cautious. Our technology and infrastructure are changing, and we are moving towards sources of renewable energy to power our economy. Telsa revolutionized the electric car, and are even making a home battery for energy storage. More and more solar and wind stations are popping […]

Top Jobs for Common Liberal Arts Majors

liberal arts majors

If you have made the decision to attend college, or have already taken the plunge, you should be thoroughly informed regarding the best jobs in each field. These careers are the cream of the crop, but are also realistic destinations for those with great work ethic and a desire to succeed. These are the roles […]

Best Jobs for Workers Lacking Experience

jobs without experience

There are some excellent jobs all around the country that require limited or no experience, but they are not always easy to find. Most of these companies hire workers with no work credentials based on a combination of factors, including personality and educational background. When college students graduate, it’s very likely that they will have […]