Top Jobs for Common Liberal Arts Majors

liberal arts majors

If you have made the decision to attend college, or have already taken the plunge, you should be thoroughly informed regarding the best jobs in each field. These careers are the cream of the crop, but are also realistic destinations for those with great work ethic and a desire to succeed. These are the roles you should strive to end up in. Sometimes liberal arts majors can be looked at unfavorably, since the common sentiment is that there are limited job opportunities for those who pick majors like History, English, Journalism, etc. It might be true that the initial wave of entry-level offers will be less abundant than those who choose more common majors, but choosing a liberal arts major won’t disqualify you from receiving high quality job offers. Read on to find out more!

Best Roles for Liberal Arts Majors


Fact: History majors can get a bad reputation at the collegiate level. Sometimes it can be viewed as an “easy” major for those who are unsure about what they want to do for a career. However, this point of view is incorrect—there are literally thousands of potential career options for history majors. Sometimes the problem is not knowing where to look. Consider the following career options: Teacher, broadcaster, journalist, or even a politician. Nobody said finding the right job would be easy. It’s all about searching for the best opportunities, building your professional network, and furthering your educational pursuits. The rest will naturally fall into place. You might not find a job as a historian, but there are plenty of other opportunities out there.


English is an excellent major, and can open the door to a bunch of opportunities. The most common choices for English majors involve jobs in Marketing, Education, Writing, and Editing. Having a degree in English means you’ve mastered the language and are an expert at transferring your ideas and opinions on paper. This is a valuable skill and many companies are constantly looking for this type of candidate. The best jobs for English majors are as follows: Teacher, Professor, Sports Journalist, and Speech Writer.


Math is an excellent choice of major, and will open doors to many different career options. Math majors are expert problem solvers, and can apply their knowledge to the workplace in many different ways. They commonly find jobs directly related to math, such as a Statistician or Educator. However, many also end up in other industries, such as Finance, Marketing, and the Tech Sector. These are the best roles for Math majors: Accountant, Biostatistician, Risk Manager, and Financial Advisor.

Government / Political Science

When people major in government, the thought of being a real politician is always in the back of the mind. However, this is not the most common career path for political science majors. Many end up involved with politicians, but in a more “behind the scenes” role. However, some of the best jobs in political science are not related to government activities at all. Here are some of the best options: Corporate Economist, Lobbyist, Non-Profit Manager.

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