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4 Simple Steps To Becoming an Effective Public Speaker

effective public speaker

No matter where they are in their career, anyone can benefit from improving their public speaking skills.  Particularly if you are looking to hold a position in leadership someday, being an effective public speaker is a necessity.  Even if you aren’t giving formal speeches and presentations, improving your public speaking skills can help you communicate […]

5 Essential Skills for Delivering Killer Customer Service

customer service representative skills

Customer service representatives are often the first person customers communicate with at a business, and the feeling the customer gets from their interaction with the representative is likely to define their opinion of the company as a whole.  Skilled customer service representatives are invaluable to every business, since they play a huge part in solving […]

Careers for Busy Moms

careers for moms

Moms have a full plate; but, this doesn’t mean that working is not an option. Qualities to look for in the best jobs for busy moms include well-paying jobs, jobs that celebrate children, paid maternity leave, good daycare benefits, flexible schedule, part-time employment, the ability to work from home and jobs that offer fair wages […]

Top 5 Jobs for the People Person

jobs for the people person

For those who consider themselves socially active, charismatic, and confident, there are plenty of roles working with customers and clients that would be an excellent fit. Being able to deal and communicate with other people on a day-to-day basis is a great skill to have. Companies concerned with the effectiveness of their customer service employees […]

How to Find Your Career Passion

find a job

A lot of people enter the workforce and never truly understand their ideal job capacity. Entry-level candidates are often thrown into programs and assigned a role within the company without ever really having a choice. If you don’t speak up, you’ll be out of luck, because eventually you will move into a potentially undesirable career […]

Best Jobs for Workers Lacking Experience

jobs without experience

There are some excellent jobs all around the country that require limited or no experience, but they are not always easy to find. Most of these companies hire workers with no work credentials based on a combination of factors, including personality and educational background. When college students graduate, it’s very likely that they will have […]

Quick Tips for More Interview Callbacks

Interview Advice

Nowadays even landing an interview is a pretty huge accomplishment. The internet is excellent for finding job opportunities and listings, but the most popular jobs are the most competitive. Depending on the job, it’s possible that hundreds or even thousands of candidates are applying for the same role. Standing out from the pack has never […]