Top 5 Cash Only Jobs

cash only jobs

There are millions of jobs in America, and some of them will pay you in all cash. No paychecks or direct deposits apply here. Getting paid in cash can be an excellent option, but there are many factors you need to keep in mind to protect yourself. Cash is not only easier to spend, but you also have to make sure you pay your taxes on it. Having cash in your pocket can be dangerous for some people, since it’s harder to keep track of. Electronic bank statements give you an accurate balance and list all transactions. With cash, if you aren’t saving your receipts, there is really no way to tell exactly what you are speeding your money on. However, if you are careful and do your due diligence, working for cash can be an excellent career option.

Best Jobs That Pay Cash

1.)    Caddie

Sometimes being a caddie can be a part time summer job for students, but it can easily turn into a career for some people. Caddies earn excellent wages, but the work is difficult. It’s not out of the question for caddies to walk two “loops” a day, or 18 holes of golf. This can easily translate to ten miles of walking, so make sure you are in shape before accepting a job. The days can be hot, and the hours can be long, but you can make $200+ in four hours of work. Not a bad haul for a labor / customer service based position.

2.)    Waiter / Waitress

You do earn a wage working in a food service role, but it’s usually way below minimum wage. In fact, many of your paychecks will be for zero dollars. People tip an average of about 18 percent, so the amount of money you make will depend heavily on the amount of sales you can produce. It’s all about moving product and keeping customers happy. You should always try to upsell but never be too pushy. Being a good waiter / waitress doesn’t happen overnight. At the right restaurant you could make $100+ in tips per night or more.

3.)    Babysitter

Babysitters have always been a necessity for families around the world. If you can build up some good references you could start working in the babysitter / housekeeper capacity. It falls under the general category of service based positions so your role could expand depending on what the family needs. Babysitters don’t earn a ton of money, but it’s an excellent part time job. You can make $10-$20 per hour, depending on the amount of children.

4.)    Lawn Care

Lawn care can be an excellent job that pays reasonably well in a part time capacity. It’s all about how motivated you are to gain additional business. If you are a go getter and can service the lawn care needs of multiple people, you will make a lot of money. At the very least it can be a good way to pick up some extra cash. Legitimate lawn care services charge an exorbitant fee, so you could undercut their price and work for a cheaper rate. It’s not out of the question to earn between $20 and $40 per lawn. It adds up quickly.

5.)    Tutor

Being a tutor can be an excellent way to leave work with cash in your pocket. Good tutors are hard to come by, and if you have educational credentials you can charge a large sum of money for your services. For example, if you specialize in SAT prep in a wealthier area, some people will pay upwards of $75 to $100 per hour. People want to see their children succeed and go to a good college, and if you can assist in that dream then you will be heavily remunerated. Figure out which subjects you are best at teaching and give it a try. Post some flyers or put some ads up on the internet. The choice is yours. Starting out you could expect to make $20 to $30 per session if you are good.

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