College Majors for Six Figure Income Potential

degree for six figure income

The importance of a college degree cannot be overlooked. It’s not a requirement to earning big money, but it certainly helps. A solid degree and a great grade point average will help because it will allow you to get your foot in the door at a position with excellent income potential. You most likely won’t start out your career earning a six figure income, but if you focus on building your network and show your employer that you can handle the responsibility of upper-management, these salary figures will soon follow. Consider these major options when you are earning your college degree if you want a chance to earn a lot of money.

 Best college majors for high earning potential

1.)    Engineering

There are many types of engineers, including mechanical, environmental, petroleum, computer, civil, and chemical. When you are earning your college degree you’ll need to focus on one of these particular areas. Some of these areas pay better than others so choose wisely. Being an engineer requires a high level of problem solving, creativity, teamwork, communication, and project management skills. The educational requirements are difficult, and becoming and engineer won’t come easy. However, it’s an excellent career that will eventually lead to a six-figure income.

2.)    Economics

In order to take an economics degree to a six-figure income level, you’ll need to be incredibly persistent. However, it’s a degree that teaches you a broad range of skills that can be applied to many different industries. Choosing the correct industry will net you the salary you desire. Consider applying for entry-level positions or leadership programs at some of the major banks or financial institutions. Many former economics majors have moved onto six figure management roles in a short period of time.

3.)    Pharmacy

Majoring in a pharmacy program guarantees you a six figure income. Pharmacists are paid very well, but it’s a difficult major that is similar to becoming a doctor. The average salary is $116,000 per year. It requires a detailed knowledge of pharmacology and how medicines will interact with each other. Keep in mind that the major program is usually five years and it will require licensure open completion of your program.

4.)    Law

Becoming a lawyer is no easy task. You do have flexibility when you are taking your bachelor’s degree, but once you are admitted to your graduate law program the curriculum will get substantially more difficult. Get ready to spend countless nights studying and sacrificing as you make steps towards your goal. However, once you pass the bar and become a lawyer, you will be earning over six figures.

5.)    Computer Science

When you major in computer science there is no guarantee that you will earn six-figures. However, if you become a software developer, you eventually will. Quality software engineers are hard to find, and it’s usually a job that cannot be outsourced. Computer science requires a strong knowledge of math and the ability to solve problems. As you progress into the later stages of your career, you will be sure to earn the salary that you desire.

When you choose a college major based on salary, always remember that there are no guarantees. You need to work hard to accomplish your goals. However, majoring in one of these subject areas can surely help your cause. It’s nice when your educational pursuits start to pay dividends.

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