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Get Rid of These Habits That Can Ruin Your Reputation at Work

ruin reputation at work

One simple way to reduce work stress is to maintain a good reputation with your co-workers and superiors.  If you feel respect from those you work with, you can get along better with others and feel more comfortable in general which improves your level of productivity.  But it’s easy to loosen up on self-discipline after […]

Not So Fast! Pause Before You Accept That Promotion at Work

promotion at work

In our jobs and careers, many of us feel the drive, along with the pressure, to get ahead.  Society has trained us to obtain more power, make more money, and feel like our skills are being developed and utilized effectively.   When we are giving our all at work, many of us are doing so expecting […]

Annual Performance Reviews: Be Prepared, Not Scared

prepare for performance review

You landed the job, and have been working hard at it all year.  But while hitting the year mark at any job is an excellent accomplishment and cause for celebration, it can also be a source of anxiety for many employees, as it means that their annual employee review is coming up.  Performance reviews are […]

Full Steam Ahead: Workplace Trends Gaining Ground in 2016

workplace trends

As 2016 commences, we are seeing some significant trends in the workplace that more and more companies are adopting.  Business as usual has evolved in a powerful way over time, giving the term “9 to 5” a run for its money.  Factors such as globalization, technology and retiring baby boomers have changed the landscape of […]

How to Sidestep Politics and Drama in the Workplace

office gossip

Workplace politics and drama can be a big roadblock to your progress on the job.  Though extremely detrimental, it can be tempting for many to engage in negative behavior such as gossip instead of focusing on their own personal work responsibilities.  Not only can engaging with politics in the workplace too much cause you more […]

Making the Most of a Retail Job

Some retail jobs have a bad reputation. They usually don’t pay as well as other jobs, and the nature of the work can be repetitive. However, there are actually some great positions in retail for those who are willing to work hard and make sacrifices for the company. A promotion won’t happen overnight, but if […]