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Sometimes majoring in liberal arts has negative connotations when it comes to landing a job after graduation. There are a lot of naysayers that recommend focusing on a more specialized career. While it may be true that some liberal arts majors (English, History, Journalism etc.) have trouble finding work, others flourish. It all depends on where you are looking and the types of jobs you are looking for. Majoring in one of these disciplines means you are essentially an expert writer. The more experience you get, the better the job opportunities will be. Some writing jobs are better than others, so read on to find out more!

Top Writing Jobs

1.)    Journalist

Journalism is a career that will never go away, but some college students do have some trouble finding work after graduation. This can be a combination of several reasons, but the most prominent is lack of experience. It requires finding a lower and less desirable job to get your foot in the door unless you get lucky and find a good journalism role right off the bat. Journalists have a broad range of responsibilities, including interviewing people, writing for publications, fact checking, and creating blogs. These job responsibilities require the ability to work well under deadlines, and excellent writing skills. The average salary for Journalists is $44,000 per year, but it’s a career that can lead to bigger and better things later in your career. There is also the opportunity to travel to new and exotic places, which is always a huge plus.

2.)    Blogger

Bloggers write internet content for a living, and can operate in many different roles. It can be a part-time freelance position, or a full-time in house role. In order to continue ranking high on search engines, google / bing expect web masters to continually update content to keep it fresh and engaging. This is called page authority, and a great way to improve this score is to hire a blogger to keep the content rolling in. They can charge great wages for their services, and the average salary for bloggers is $45,000 per year. The reason this job makes the list is because of the flexibility in hours and the high demand for quality content all over the internet. Keeping users engaged and producing good content is essential for any successful blogger, and so is the ability to track and report on this data.

3.)    Technical Writer

If you have ever opened an instruction manual from a new package or a how-to-do manual chances are you were reading the work of a mid-career technical writer. They create these types of documents and revisit / improve upon the project over time. Instructions can be very complex to the average person, so technical writers simply the process. The can also span into the science field, writing steps for experiments or publishing reports. The average salary for technical writers is $50,000 per year, but higher level workers can earn over $100 per hour as a contract worker. It can be a lucrative profession given the right circumstances.

4.)    Writing Tutor

Being able to write well is a valuable skill to have. It will not only help students get better grades on papers and exams, but is will also translate to a valuable commodity upon entering the work force. Companies need good writers to fill several functions. Now that the SAT includes a writing section, English & Writing tutors are becoming more and more important. Finding a job as a writing tutor can be done in several ways, but the best way to start is on your own. Advertise your services and even consider working virtually. It could turn into a work from home position that pays a great supplemental income and builds your tutoring profile. The more experience and references you have, the more money you will ultimately make. The average pay differs greatly from candidate to candidate, but a conservative estimate is anywhere from $20-$40 per hour, depending on experience.

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