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Ever Considered Joining a Labor Union? It Has Its Advantages

advantages of labor unions

Labor unions are an important part of our society and economy. They have helped shape the job market into what it is today, giving workers a voice regarding their pay, benefits and work environment, among other factors. Much of the respect and rights that workers have today are a result of the influence that labor […]

High Paying Skilled Trades for 2015

best skilled trades

Certain skilled trades are highly specific and therefore well-remunerated. It’s not every day workers find positions quite like these, but once they do, they usually stick around for the long-haul. All of these careers require a technical degree. Each state might also have additional licensure procedures that entry-level workers must follow in order to land […]

Top Labor Jobs 2015

top labor jobs

Sometimes labor jobs get a bad reputation. The work is generally considered back-breaking and bad for career longevity. But every job is different. There are some labor jobs that are excellent, and these preconceptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of the following careers are also union jobs, which always provide great benefits and […]

Highest Paid Laborers

With some hard work and sacrifice, there are opportunities to pursue careers in skilled labor that pays top dollar to employ individuals with these important skills. Just because you didn’t go to college doesn’t mean that you can’t pursue careers that pay six figures. Some of these jobs do require a technical degree to reinforce […]