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Mechanic Careers, and the Hidden Perks Behind Them

mechanic careers

Being an auto mechanic, or automotive technician, is such an important career because of how heavily people rely on their cars for transportation.  A vehicle can be seen as a source of several important things in life, including escape and security.  Every car needs regular service, and there are so many different things that can […]

Skilled Trade Jobs for the Modern Day Craftsperson

construction mason

As society progresses and technology takes over more and more of our daily lives as well as our jobs, we must not lose appreciation for artisans and craftsmen whose jobs have existed for much longer in history.  The texture and scents of different types of metal, wood and stone will never lose their appeal, and […]

High Paying Skilled Trades for 2015

best skilled trades

Certain skilled trades are highly specific and therefore well-remunerated. It’s not every day workers find positions quite like these, but once they do, they usually stick around for the long-haul. All of these careers require a technical degree. Each state might also have additional licensure procedures that entry-level workers must follow in order to land […]

High School Diploma Isn’t Enough

A few decades ago a high school diploma and some relevant experience was all you needed to break into an entry-level position and rise through the ranks of whichever company you decided to work for. College was less competitive, cheaper, and easier to get into. Now, if you want a high-level job that pays six […]