4 Great Careers in Television & Radio

radio & television careers

Working in media can be an excellent career move, but finding the right job is challenging. The “foot in the door” concept applies strongly to television and radio jobs, because nobody simply walks into a high-level role without some solid experience. You usually need to take an internship or another entry-level position and work your way up the ladder. However, your path will certainly lead you to an excellent career in a job that not only pays well, but is also one of the most sought after positions in the USA. Just be careful when searching for these types of jobs, because you want to be absolutely certain that it’s right for you. Keep realistic expectations and focus on slow advancement. Also, the good jobs are usually the most competitive, so steps should be taken to make your job application as strong as possible.

1.)  Promotions

Promotions workers are concerned with radio publicity and effective marketing strategies. The ability to run successful promotions and maintain / analyze campaign data is essential. Depending on the size of the station and the reach, these campaigns could be massive. It requires a calm and collected work style, because stress levels can certainly mount. There are multiple deadlines that must be met. Project management is also an excellent skill to have. It also helps to be creative, since an original promotion can be very successful. The average salary for a radio promotions associate is $49,000 per year, but it’s a career that can turn into something much bigger.

2.)  Internet Marketing

Radio and television stations carry out their on-air operations, but the need for quality internet marketers and social media managers is always growing. They write and monitor tweets, create Facebook posts and articles, and track the success of all online marketing campaigns. They usually work with the promotions department to ensure that the word is getting out. Internet marketing could also span to graphics and website design. It all depends on the size of the company and the expertise of the worker. In radio and television internet marketers earn an average of $50,000 per year, and they can have a significant impact on the bottom line of the company.

3.)  On-Air Positions

Typically experience is critical for on-air personalities, but everyone has to start somewhere. Get some experience at whichever station you want, and focus on being confident and personable. At the end of the day, experience is less important than natural talent. If you consider yourself confident and comfortable sharing your opinions or ideas with others, then an on-air position might be a closer reality than you realize. Start out as a camera or sound assistant. Getting your foot in the door is the hardest step. Build up your network and social media profiles, and get the word out that you are next in line for a big promotion.

4.)  IT

Every radio and television station will have an IT department. It’s necessary since most day to day communication and information retrieval happen via the internet. It’s a good niche to find an IT career, and usually these workers experience excellent job security because of it. Once they learn the company system their job is virtually guaranteed unless they move to a different position. The average salary for radio & television IT workers is $60,000 per year. The head of the IT department can earn significantly more, but it all depends on the size and location of the station.

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