Four Roles for Saving the Planet

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The world consumes natural resources at an unsustainable rate, so monitoring and regulating our consumption are paramount in guaranteeing access to clean air and water into the future. Heavily industrialized countries with limited regulations have shown us just how serious pollution and unsustainable practices can be to the local environment. Need proof? Check out some of these pictures. A lot of people are under the assumption that one person cannot make any significant changes, but they are wrong. There are many careers available for those who take green issues seriously. Consider the following careers, which can all be found here at!

1.)    Environmental Lawyer

Environmental regulation and enforcement is the only way to stop major corporations from polluting air and water. There was a time when regulations were not enforced, but that quickly changed once people started realized the true dangers of environmental contamination. Environmental lawyers deal with issues such as remediation, restitution, and enforcement, and use their skills to hold companies accountable for their actions. They aren’t the highest remunerated in the legal field, but the average salary is $112,000. It’s a great career for those who want to make a difference.

2.)    Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers are some of the brightest workers in this industry. They possess a broad range of skills, but the most important for this profession are problem solving and creativity. They design and implement environmental projects to promote a sustainable and green initiative. Some of the jobs that these professionals carry out are designing drainage systems for landfills, working with Oil & Gas engineers, and investigating / remediating polluted sites. The average salary for environmental engineers is $83,000 per year. It requires hard work and sacrifice, but it’s an excellent career with great advancement potential.

3.)    Environmental Science Teacher

Teachers who focus on green issues act as a steward for environmental issues. They advocate for a greener future and act accordingly. These acts could range from setting up a recycling program at school, to driving a biodiesel, electric, or hybrid vehicle. Many people who go on to pursue a career in the environmental field can trace back their interest in green issues to that one teacher in high school who introduced them to the game. Teachers shape the minds of our youth, and environmental science teachers are no exception to this rule. The average salary for teachers is $52,000 per year. It’s an excellent job with a union, and you get the summers off! Plenty of time to dedicate yourself to changing our environment.

4.)    Solar Installation

Whether you work as a technician or a manger, solar installation is essential for creating a better future. Every year the technology improves, although there are still some pitfalls. They are not as efficient as they can be and there are pollution issues involved in the manufacturing process. But the simple fact is that by harnessing the power of the sun and using it to create energy, we become less reliant on fossil fuels. Solar installation is a relatively new career, and the job opportunities are constantly growing. Solar panels can be an excellent investment, because not only does the government provide a significant tax credit for those who choose to install them, but users can also sell back any extra power to electric companies. It’s a long term investment that eventually pays for itself. Plus, it’s great to avoid paying a monthly electric bill.

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