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Personality Traits for Working with Special Needs Children

special education helper

Working with special needs children can be very emotionally rewarding.  Many people seek careers in special education because there are so many other benefits as well, such as higher pay, shorter work days and increasing job availability.  But at the same time, it’s safe to say that not just anyone can teach special education.  It […]

It’s Not To Late for Summer Jobs: But Hurry!

help wanted

Right now is prime time for workers who are considering summer employment. These jobs are perfect for students, and can even be an option for older workers to earn some extra income during the summer season. Tourists start traveling, and different industries see an influx of activity during the summer months. Right now JobDiagnosis has […]

Top 5 Green Tech Jobs

green tech jobs

These days, nearly every consumer, homeowner and business has a focus on energy efficiency.  The trend continues to grow stronger, making green tech jobs a high demand field. Energy efficiency, renewable energy and recycling, as well as other practices all set the standards for a green economy, and a job marketplace that will continue to […]

Slackers Beware: Reputation is Crucial

Lazy Employee

Some people prefer to take a “slacker” mentality to the workplace. It’s a state of mind, but if you’ve gained the reputation of being a lazy worker it could have dramatic ramifications on the outlook for your career.  Managers want employees who work hard and are willing to make sacrifices. If you stay at the […]

Making the Most of a Retail Job

Some retail jobs have a bad reputation. They usually don’t pay as well as other jobs, and the nature of the work can be repetitive. However, there are actually some great positions in retail for those who are willing to work hard and make sacrifices for the company. A promotion won’t happen overnight, but if […]

The Importance of an Internship

importance of an internship

Finding a high quality internship should be the top priority of the vast majority of college students. It doesn’t matter whether it’s paid or unpaid—the important part is the experience you get and the networking that takes place behind the scenes. If you are searching for a high-quality internship at a top company, it’s very […]

Signs It’s Time to Find a New Position

changing jobs

Being stuck in a career for an extended period of time can go one of two ways. Maybe you love the job, and would never jeopardize your opportunity to continue coming into work each day. Or, maybe you are dissatisfied, and require a career shift. You should always take a step back and analyze your […]