It’s Not To Late for Summer Jobs: But Hurry!

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Right now is prime time for workers who are considering summer employment. These jobs are perfect for students, and can even be an option for older workers to earn some extra income during the summer season. Tourists start traveling, and different industries see an influx of activity during the summer months. Right now JobDiagnosis has an abundance of summer jobs, and now is a great time to look. But you are running out of time, and the good jobs are filling up fast! Here are some great places to start your hunt.

Country Club

Country clubs are a great place to look for summer work. Private as well as public courses offer several different types of jobs, from Food & Beverage to Course Maintenance. The best way to find these listings is execute and job search, and find the listings that are actually open in your area. This narrows your search down, because it’s likely that there are several country clubs in your area. Once you find the listings and apply for the job, go in person! You could serve food, advance towards golf course & club management, work on a grounds crew, or become a caddie. The options are broad and the advancement potential is great. Typically country clubs close down on Mondays for course maintenance, and if you are not scheduled to work that day you will get to play a few rounds of golf on the house! Not a bad perk.

Seasonal Tourism

Many areas around the United States are popular summer destinations for tourists and people who own vacation houses. As a result, there is a huge influx of jobs over the summer season. Places like Cape Cod, the Jersey Shore, Long Island, etc., are excellent places to start your search. Look for jobs like waiting tables, retail cashiering, or even working at an ice cream shop! Typically these jobs are tip-based, so you’ll have a great chance to earn good money and live in a place where people love to vacation. It’s a win-win situation.

Grocery / Retail

If you haven’t looked for a summer job at one of your many local grocery or retail stores now is the time. These employers love to hire younger workers to fill the various jobs available around the store. This translates to stocking, cashiering, inventory control, and even retail management. Customer service is the name of the game, and those workers that excel open themselves up for promotion—even part-time seasonal summer workers. The organic high-end retail stores typically pay the best hourly wages.

Time is running out for those who are interested in finding a summer job. But it is by no means too late. Take a look at some of the positions available right now on Hurry though, because the window is closing and the deadline is fast approaching.

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