Slackers Beware: Reputation is Crucial

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Some people prefer to take a “slacker” mentality to the workplace. It’s a state of mind, but if you’ve gained the reputation of being a lazy worker it could have dramatic ramifications on the outlook for your career.  Managers want employees who work hard and are willing to make sacrifices. If you stay at the same company with this mentality, one of two things will happen. You’ll either be stuck in the same role for an extended period of time, or you’ll have trouble finding a new job at a different organization due to weak references. You might be getting away with it now, but it’s time to ditch this attitude and become a go-getter. Make workplace laziness a thing of the past and start achieving.

Hard workers usually end up making a difference. But nowadays it can be hard to find people who are motivated and aligned with company goals and overall success. As a result, hard workers get excellent reviews from their managers. Slackers—not so much. If you are trying to pursue a career in a specific industry, you need to have your prior managers on your side. Potential employers will call and verify your references, especially for the more competitive jobs. It’s a great way to leave no stone unturned. But the priority of human resources is to find out what kind of worker you are. If they cannot derive positive information from past references, it will hinder your chances of landing the job.

If you have already gained a reputation of being a lazy worker, it’s not too late to change. Start getting to work a little earlier, and save the procrastination until after your shift. Sometimes all it takes is realizing how lucky you are to even have a job. Do yourself a favor. Next time you arrive at the workplace for your regular shift, focus on working hard and making a difference. If it’s a job you dislike and attribute this reason to your lack of production, then start looking for new roles! But remember, it can be a struggle trying to find a job with a lack of quality references. However, if you start now and prove to your managers that you are a valuable member of the team who is capable of handling large volumes of responsibility, their opinions will change. Having the reputation of a “slacker” can be very harmful for your career, but it’s something you can fix quickly and efficiently.

Some slackers find roles and never leave, but they are simply a drain on company resources. Eventually managers will realize your lack of production and desire, and it won’t be pretty. If you work for a smaller company, your deficiencies will shine through more regularly, and your managers will have no choice but to find somebody else. If you are consistently lazy your job is never safe.

Not everyone realizes how lazy they actually are. Some workers aren’t lazy at all, but they give the slacker vibe to their managers and coworkers. Do yourself a favor. Get excited about your job and work your hardest every day. Do not let your potential career success go to waste because you would rather procrastinate all day!

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