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The Thrills and Glamour of a Career in Restaurant Management!

restaurant management careers

A career in restaurant management has many thrills.  If you love the nightlife, schmoozing and socializing, being involved in celebrations, and absorbing new cultures, this may be the perfect job for you.  Qualities that make a good restaurant manager include being outgoing, strong analytical skills, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced atmosphere. A […]

Slackers Beware: Reputation is Crucial

Lazy Employee

Some people prefer to take a “slacker” mentality to the workplace. It’s a state of mind, but if you’ve gained the reputation of being a lazy worker it could have dramatic ramifications on the outlook for your career.  Managers want employees who work hard and are willing to make sacrifices. If you stay at the […]

Jobs for a Type A Personality

type a jobs

People with Type A personalities are highly ambitious, organized, anxious, proactive, and concerned with time management. They are workaholics who have an ability to multitask and work towards strict deadlines. Type A workers are constantly under extreme stress, which is why is has been scientifically linked to heart disease and other coronary issues. Working at […]

Top 5 Roles for Natural-Born Leaders

jobs for leaders

Leadership is a quality that can be taught, but those who are most effective are born with the trait. Leaders are immensely important for all types of businesses, from a small family-owned retail shop to a multinational finance conglomerate. Success takes passion, commitment, and charisma. If you consider yourself a trailblazer, take a look one […]

Old School Business Practices That Are Still Relevant

conservative business

Yesterday we talked about the best career for workers associated with a virtual network, but what about the old school business professionals? We’re talking about work done on paper, meetings done in person, and beginning / ending all business-related discussions in a firm handshake. You don’t need to be “old” to appreciate this type of […]

Qualities of a Bad Manager

bad management

Everyone has had their experiences with bad managers. If you haven’t then consider yourself lucky, because it can make for a stressful and strenuous work week. Bad managers not only decrease worker morale, but their tactics can also decrease productivity. If employees are not motivated to work hard for their manager then the organization will […]

Should I Choose a Career in Management?

Skills for a successful manager

A manager’s job position sounds quite exciting. Management professionals are required almost in every industry. However, a career in management is not suited for everyone. Though this occupation is lucrative with handsome income opportunities, it also brings a lot of pressure and challenges. Before you want to join an organization as a manager or decide […]