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How to Find Your Career Passion

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A lot of people enter the workforce and never truly understand their ideal job capacity. Entry-level candidates are often thrown into programs and assigned a role within the company without ever really having a choice. If you don’t speak up, you’ll be out of luck, because eventually you will move into a potentially undesirable career […]

Four Awesome Skilled Trades

highest paying skilled trades

Nobody wants to get stuck in a rut when it comes to their career. The following jobs offer a bevy of benefits that cannot be attained in other skilled trades. They pay well, provide good benefits, and are often unionized which locks down job security and employer fairness. Often times when talking about blue collar […]

Best Careers for Disabled Workers

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America has laws to protect disabled workers from unfair discrimination in the workplace, but the fact will always remain that some jobs are simply impossible for people in this situation. For example, a person with a chronic back condition would probably not fare well in a labor-intensive role. However, there are plenty of excellent opportunities […]

Best Two Year Degrees

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Sometimes landing your dream jobs doesn’t require a significant educational time investment. There are plenty of jobs available for those students who decide that pursuing a two year degree is the best course of action. These types of careers exists across multiple industries, so finding a job shouldn’t be difficult. If you decide that pursuit […]

Switching Careers

switching careers

Sometimes people pursue careers that are great in the beginning. But as the years go by and more experience is gained, the conditions become less favorable. It happens to millions of Americans. You pick a career that you think is wonderful but it turns out to be a dud. The beauty of our work force […]

Should I Pursue a Part Time Degree?

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The unfortunate reality is that many students cannot afford to attend college for financial reasons. Taking on massive debt is not worthwhile to some, because even though they will attain a college degree, they will still be saddled by monthly payments and interest. However, even though it will undoubtedly take much longer, there is always […]

Jobs of the Future

jobs of the future

As America continues to grow and evolve, the job market and positions that are available are changing along with it. Many industries have already begun to die out in America, like manufacturing and customer service or data entry jobs for example. Many of these jobs are cheaper to host overseas, so countries like China have […]