5 Professional Appearance Tips for the Working Woman

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The amount of effort that women put into their professional appearance in the workplace reflects their level of self-respect and confidence.  Many times the impact of a sharp wardrobe, as well as attention to skin and hair care, can be heavily underestimated when it comes to their effect on a woman’s career.  Not only can they make a huge difference in how others perceive us, they can also boost productivity, since a confident worker is a better worker.  A woman that feels put together and polished exudes strength and boldness, which are key factors in work performance.   The more you take yourself seriously, the more you can expect others to as well.

While professional appearance is especially important if your job requires you to interact with many clients and higher-ups in the company on a regular basis, it has a positive effect regardless of the position you have.  Take, for example, those who work from home.  I am sure many would tell you they feel less productive if they work in their pajamas after simply rolling out of bed.  While these workers may not necessarily don a suit and tie in the comfort of their own home, it is beneficial to spend a little time on grooming and attire, which will make them feel more confident and prepared for whatever the workday may bring.   It also signifies the transition from home life to work life, since their environment remains the same.

Creating and maintaining a proper professional appearance is undoubtedly important, but it isn’t always easy.  If at all possible, it is best to avoid making this part of your life seem like another job in itself. Below are some tips and shortcuts for women who want to look dressed to impress in the workplace:

1. Choose clothes that require less maintenance

If you want to avoid ironing, as well as an expensive dry cleaning bill, choose wrinkle-free shirts and pants so you can skip the ironing step altogether.  Women have an advantage in this area as well, since they have the option of wearing skirts, which are often less complicated than pants and easier to maintain.  If you choose to wear tights or pantyhose with skirts, hand wash and air dry them so they will last longer.

2. Keep makeup simple yet still bold and flattering

Choosing the right kind of makeup for the workplace can make you appear more sophisticated and mature.  Also, many women feel more confident when their finest features are standing out.  At the same time, you want to avoid appearing over-the-top.  It is best to stick to a light foundation for the skin, neutral lip shades and dark eye colors.  Save the glitter and fake eyelashes for special occasions.

 3. Don’t go overboard on accessories

The workplace is not the place for flaunting your dazzling diamonds and other fancy pieces you may have.  Not only does wearing these items add another step to your morning routine, they can be a distraction to others in the workplace.  So keep your jewelry more subdued.  One accessory to focus on that is probably the most appropriate for an office setting is a watch.  To ensure that you choose the right kind of watch that will make a positive statement about you, check out the article Watches for the Workplace: Accentuating a Professional Look available on AGirlsWorld.com.

4. Skip the strong scents

There’s no need to waste your expensive perfume while you are at work.  It can aggravate allergies of clients and co-workers, and at the very least present a distraction.  If you must wear a scent, choose something lighter and cleaner, such as a body splash.

5. Invest in the right suit for interviews

Many work environments don’t necessarily require you to wear a suit on a daily basis, but you definitely want to have a flawless-looking one on hand for interviews.  Try to keep the suit in good condition and take it off immediately after the interview if at all possible, as excessive dry cleaning can wear out its quality.  Corporette.com has some excellent suggestions for women in search of the right suit and accessories to go with it.

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