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Key Strategies for Finding Entry Level Employment

entry level employment

With the school year reaching a close, many college graduates will flock home this summer in the pursuit of gainful employment.  While having a degree in hand definitely helps, with little to no experience, many of these students don’t know where to start in their search for entry level employment.  And many don’t realize all […]

Seize the Day: How to Use Your Time Wisely While Unemployed

use time wisely while unemployed

It’s easy to start feeling down on yourself during a period of unemployment, or to fall into the habit of lounging around and watching too much TV.  But too many people fail to look at the upside of unemployment, only to regret not using their time wisely once they are working again and can barely […]

Bored to Tears? How to Find More Meaning in Your Career

find meaning in your career

Do you remember a time when you used to wake up feeling motivated for the workday?   Did you ever have the feeling of ultimate satisfaction when you ended your workday?   Do you recall having something that you felt so passionate about that even though it required a lot of hard work and effort, it didn’t […]

Creative Methods for Professional Social Networking

professional networking methods

Professional social networking can become monotonous after a while when you make it into a one-dimensional task.  To expand your professional social network and your world, add some variety and excitement to your networking strategies.  There are numerous avenues of meeting people that don’t involve suited-up events where the main purpose is networking itself, while […]

How to Utilize Social Media for Professional Networking

social media networking

Professional networking has taken on a whole new meaning with the dawn of social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  It is likely that if you use these social networks, you have connected with people ranging from distant family to old classmates, former co-workers and everything in between. But it’s easy to simply […]

Tips for Establishing a Professional Social Network

professional relationships

We’ve all heard it before; in the business world, it is often who you know rather than what you know that will help you move upwards.  While experience and skills are important, it will be hard to make the best use of them without a quality professional social network.  Building relationships through professional social networking […]

How to Sell Yourself at Professional Networking Events

professional networking event

The art of professional networking begins with one conversation, one distribution of your resume, one connection made on LinkedIn.  Networking can be done anywhere, through any group of people, whether it is friends, family or peers that you share a particular interest or hobby with.  Of course, the likelihood of making a useful career connection […]