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Have an Upcoming Phone Interview? Avoid These Common Mistakes

phone interview mistakes

Being contacted by a potential employer for a phone interview is no small accomplishment.  It means your resume actually made in front of a hiring manager, and it caught their attention enough to make them want to learn more about you.  While a phone interview may be shorter than a real interview, and doesn’t require […]

The Secret of Successful Jobseekers? Attending Job Fairs

attending job fairs

While scouring online job listings and social networks in the pursuit of employment, it’s easy for jobseekers to forget about one of the most tried-and-true job search tools: attending job fairs.  Most of us have attended at least one job fair in our lives, perhaps in grade school or college.  No matter where you live, […]

Have a Job Hopping Past? How to Explain it to Hiring Managers

job hopping

When it comes time for a job interview, a big source of anxiety for many jobseekers can be how they are going to explain to employers the frequency of times they switched jobs.  One of the most important messages you want to send to hiring managers is that you are loyal and committed, and will […]

Using Headhunters to Enrich Your Job Search

advantages of headhunters

If you search for jobs online, chances are you have come across job postings from staffing agencies, or have been contacted by recruiters who have found your resume online.  There are many staffing agencies and headhunters out there, and while their intention is to find the right candidate for the company hiring, jobseekers can also […]

Nail That Customer Service Representative Job Interview!

customer service representative job interviewcustomer service representative job interview

In any job interview, you have short window of time to show off your strongest skills and personality traits.  On an interview for a customer service representative job, it is particularly important that you display the same qualities to the hiring manager that you would in a successful customer interaction.  Customer satisfaction is a key revenue […]

Keep Looking! Red Flags to Watch for in Job Interviews

job interview red flags

In the job search process, jobseekers put a lot of focus on what they can do to get the attention of the companies they are interviewing with, and beat out other candidates for the job.   Many jobseekers are eager to start working as soon as possible, especially if they are currently unemployed or working at […]

Attention Jobseekers: Get Ahead of the Curve for 2016

job search 2016

Jobseekers have a lot to look forward to in 2016.  The job market has been steadily improving since 2009, when it hit an all-time low of -2%.   According to staffing agency Manpower Group’s Employment Outlook Survey for Q1 2016, job growth is expected to be at 17% this coming year.  Towards the end of 2015, […]

How to Execute A Professional Job Interview Follow Up

interview follow up

So that much-anticipated job interview is finally over, and you feel good about how it went.  You are probably breathing a huge sigh of relief, and keeping your fingers crossed that things pan out the way you want them to (i.e. you get the job).  But your work isn’t over yet.  If you don’t follow […]