Keep Looking! Red Flags to Watch for in Job Interviews

job interview red flagsIn the job search process, jobseekers put a lot of focus on what they can do to get the attention of the companies they are interviewing with, and beat out other candidates for the job.   Many jobseekers are eager to start working as soon as possible, especially if they are currently unemployed or working at a job that they find unbearable.   But the job search and interviewing process isn’t just about getting hired, it’s also about deciding if the job you are applying for is one you want and would be happy with.

Being too desperate in the interview process can cause you to jump at a job that is completely wrong for you, when if you had just been a little more patient the right fit would have come shortly after.  While there is no way to guarantee that the position, boss and company culture will be right for you, there are some red flags to watch out for in the job interview process that could save you the stress and time of taking the wrong job.  Below are some telltale red flags that the job you are interviewing for is wrong for you:

1)  The hiring process is disorganized

If you experience such issues as your hiring paperwork being lost, e-mails and phone calls that aren’t returned, or the manager forgetting what time your job interview starts, this can be a red flag that you will be working in a chaotic environment when you take the job.  With that can come more aggravation and stress on a day to day to basis than you are equipped for.  Some people, however, don’t mind chaos so much, and if other factors of the job fit their needs they will still consider taking it.

2)  Lack of enthusiasm from company employees

If the hiring manager, or any other employees you encounter in the interview process, shows a lack of enthusiasm for their job, this can be a red flag that the company environment is uninspiring.  Also, watch out for any negative comments made by employees about other people they work with.  Since most employees are on their best behavior during job interviews, these qualities will be even more magnified when you are working with them.

3)  You are offered the job on the spot

If the position you are interviewing for is important to the company, they should be putting a lot of thought into who they hire to fill it.  And the company should want you to have time to decide if you really want the job when they do offer it to you.  So if you are offered the job at the interview, proceed with caution.  This could be a red flag that the company is too desperate to fill the position, or it’s possible that the person hiring you is rewarded for every opening they fill, and doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

4)  Your questions aren’t answered directly

Be sure to ask questions during the job interview about the company’s goals, problems they are trying to overcome, and previous employees that held your position.  If the hiring manager is avoiding eye contact, seems nervous and fails to give you a direct answer, it can be a red flag that they are hiding something.

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Jessica Cody

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