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Nail That Customer Service Representative Job Interview!

customer service representative job interviewcustomer service representative job interview

In any job interview, you have short window of time to show off your strongest skills and personality traits.  On an interview for a customer service representative job, it is particularly important that you display the same qualities to the hiring manager that you would in a successful customer interaction.  Customer satisfaction is a key revenue […]

Keep Looking! Red Flags to Watch for in Job Interviews

job interview red flags

In the job search process, jobseekers put a lot of focus on what they can do to get the attention of the companies they are interviewing with, and beat out other candidates for the job.   Many jobseekers are eager to start working as soon as possible, especially if they are currently unemployed or working at […]

Attention-Grabbing Job Interview Techniques

job interview attention

Before going on a job interview, it is likely you become very focused on yourself and how you will show the hiring manager what a perfect fit you will be for the position.  So it can be difficult to see the bigger picture and realize that the interviewer isn’t one hundred percent focused on you.  […]

Tips for Salvaging Awkward Job Interview Moments

awkward interview moments

You landed a job interview for a position you feel you were made for, at a company you respect.  You do all the research and preparations you can think of beforehand, get your suit pressed, and contact your references to give them a heads up about this exciting opportunity.  But no matter how prepared you […]

Essential Things to Bring To An Interview

job interview checklist

The night before and morning of an interview can be nerve-wracking, and when you are getting ready to leave it can be difficult to decide what you should bring with you to an interview.  It is easy to find yourself rushed and indecisive at the last minute when preparing for job interviews, so that you […]

Reduce Job Interview Anxiety and Achieve a Positive Mindset

job interview mindset

In this economy, just getting an interview, let alone a job, can be a huge accomplishment.  So when you schedule an interview for a job you really could see yourself performing well at, you want to make sure that you are in best form for the event.  Job interviews are not something you can do […]

Common Interview Mistakes and How to Fix Them

interview mistakes

Let’s face it—interviews are tough and mentally taxing. Not everyone is lucky enough to land a job on their first try, but following the steps below can help maximize your confidence levels and land more job offers. The reason you’ve been overlooked interview after interview is usually no coincidence, but if you can identify the […]

Quick Tips for More Interview Callbacks

Interview Advice

Nowadays even landing an interview is a pretty huge accomplishment. The internet is excellent for finding job opportunities and listings, but the most popular jobs are the most competitive. Depending on the job, it’s possible that hundreds or even thousands of candidates are applying for the same role. Standing out from the pack has never […]