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Telecommuter Tips: Work at Home Roles

telecommuter jobs

Work-from-home roles are becoming an increasingly popular job search query for jobseekers. They offer great flexibility, no commute, and are perfect for those who are good at meeting deadlines and can be responsible without needing to constantly report in to management. But finding these jobs can be a challenge. They are certainly available, but you […]

The Machines are Coming: To Take Your Job


Industries like manufacturing, transportation, retail, and others, are constantly developing new ways to automate their workforce. The sad reality for workers is that this will translate to fewer and fewer job opportunities over time if you work in one of these sectors.  It’s not something that’s happening overnight, but technology is constantly evolving, and using […]

It’s Not To Late for Summer Jobs: But Hurry!

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Right now is prime time for workers who are considering summer employment. These jobs are perfect for students, and can even be an option for older workers to earn some extra income during the summer season. Tourists start traveling, and different industries see an influx of activity during the summer months. Right now JobDiagnosis has […]

Trucking: The Way of the Road

truck careers

Sometimes trucking gets a bad reputation around the industry. After all, it is blue-collar, and you don’t need to go to college. However, trucking is an excellent career with great earning potential for those who are willing to put in the hard work. In fact, some truckers start out making more money than their college-educated […]

Green Jobs: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

environmental jobs

Each and every day America is becoming more and more environmentally cautious. Our technology and infrastructure are changing, and we are moving towards sources of renewable energy to power our economy. Telsa revolutionized the electric car, and are even making a home battery for energy storage. More and more solar and wind stations are popping […]

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