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Make Money Being a Delivery Driver for Companies Like Postmates and Uber Eats

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, millions of people have lost their jobs and are looking for new ways to earn money. Delivery driving companies are a lucrative way to make fast cash and even build up a sustainable cash flow even after the pandemic starts winding down. Thousands of delivery drivers across the country make […]

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Robots Taking Away Jobs

robots taking over jobs

The talk is everywhere: in the near future, robots will be replacing millions of people in their jobs.  As technology rapidly advances, machines are more intelligent and capable than ever of performing tasks once only made possible by a human being.  Many repetitive, routine jobs in sectors such as manufacturing, customer service and farming will […]

Health Comes First: Insurance Tips for Jobseekers

health insurance tips for jobseekers

Many jobseekers aren’t aware of the health insurance options they have, both while they are unemployed and when they begin a new job.  Nowadays, it is particularly important to have health coverage, because federal regulations impose penalty fines on individuals who don’t have health insurance.  But just the idea of choosing a health insurance plan […]

Essential Things to Bring To An Interview

job interview checklist

The night before and morning of an interview can be nerve-wracking, and when you are getting ready to leave it can be difficult to decide what you should bring with you to an interview.  It is easy to find yourself rushed and indecisive at the last minute when preparing for job interviews, so that you […]

Build a Budget and Stick With It

budget tips

Having a budget can be an excellent move that will boost your overall financial well-being and make life a little more comfortable. Nothing in life comes easy, and budgeting your personal is no exception. It takes dedication, discipline, and a positive attitude. But anyone can do it! Personal Budget Tips  1.)    Pick a Strategy When […]

Trucking: The Way of the Road

truck careers

Sometimes trucking gets a bad reputation around the industry. After all, it is blue-collar, and you don’t need to go to college. However, trucking is an excellent career with great earning potential for those who are willing to put in the hard work. In fact, some truckers start out making more money than their college-educated […]

How to Find a Work from Home Job

find telecommuter jobs

Do you have what it takes to work remote? At first glance it seems like the perfect employment situation. Telecommuting definitely has its advantages, like increased productivity, quieter atmosphere with less distractions, and more time around family. However, there is definitely a downside. Work from home employees don’t report to an office, and miss out […]