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Fast food jobs can get a bad reputation. But they can be a great place to earn money and start a career whether or not you realize it. Sure you’ll start out as an entry-level worker, but everyone starts somewhere unless there is luck or serious schmoozing involved. Cashiers advance to shift managers, shift managers advance to assistant managers, and assistant managers advance to restaurant managers. Whether you are a full time student looking for part time work, or a late career employee who needs to get the bills paid, fast food jobs have a little something for everyone. Just be ready to work hard and provide a high level of customer service. Your job will depend on it!

Customer Service

The employees who advance in this industry are those who are friendly and respectful to all customers. Trust us when we say this can be hard. Some customers are simply not friendly people, but you can’t let it get to you. You are representing a brand and your customer service skills will determine whether or not a customer will come back to that location. It’s all about driving repeat business. Don’t let an angry or rude customer get the best of you. Just smile and do all you can to make their experience as smooth and productive as possible.

Learning and Development

These types of jobs are excellent for students and other entry-level workers who lack experience. Typically fast food locations will aggressively hire younger workers because they are trainable and accept the pay rate. If you are planning on looking for a finance job after you attend college in five years, a fast food job isn’t something you’ll be putting on your resume. But if you are considering restaurant management, hospitality, or food & beverage management, they can boost your overall worker profile. These jobs teach responsibility and the value of hard work, and if you are punctual and serious about your job good things will happen. If you excel and get good references from people who are higher up in the organization, it will help further your career in the Food & Beverage industry. Some great places to look are at Casinos, Country Clubs, Hotels, or basically any other place that focuses on hospitality and restaurant management. There will be opportunities whether or not you realize it, you just need to know how to find them. Warning-Shameless Plug-(Hint, use the JobDiagnosis search bar at the top of the page!)


One of the greatest benefits to working at a fast food location is the flexibility in scheduling. This makes it an attractive destination for part-time workers as well as any other worker with a busy schedule. Most locations are open from 5-6AM to 10-11PM—some even later. There is only so much time in a day, but scheduling managers are cognizant of the fact that many of their workers are on their second job, or busy with school and education.


Working in fast food certainly has its ups and downs. Anyone who has worked in this type of role could tell you a few horror stories involving bad customers. But that’s what you are signing up for. Just focus on providing only the highest level of customer service. It will make your job more enjoyable, and open the door to promotion opportunities later down the road. Be smart and the rewards will follow.

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