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Now is the Time to Begin Your Summer Seasonal Job Search!

summer seasonal jobs

With the first day of spring only a few weeks away, summer is within reach.  And with summer comes the search for seasonal jobs.  2016 is looking to be a good year for job growth, but in order to find the best opportunities out there high school and college students should begin taking steps to […]

Got A High School Diploma? Apply for These High Paying Jobs

high paying jobs with only a high school diploma

Let’s face it: college just isn’t an option for everybody.  For many, it is just simply not worth the debt they will accumulate.  Besides that, it is a huge sacrifice of time that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a higher paycheck.  While society may tell us that a degree is required to make it in the world […]

IT HelpDesk Jobs: Now That’s a Step in the Right Direction!

IT helpdesk jobs

If you are looking for a job that brings in a high salary and is achievable without a bachelor’s degree, consider pursuing a career in information technology.  The average salary for IT professionals is currently $85,619 according to InfoWorld.com.  It says many people that work in this industry only need some work experience and IT […]

Want to Be Your Own Boss? Now is the Time for Franchise Jobs!

franchise jobs

Many of the jobs that contributed to the growth in food service and retail jobs last month are the result of growing franchises.  Franchise jobs are a huge help to the economy, since they are constantly growing and producing employment opportunities.  What’s more, working for a franchise gives you the opportunity to own one yourself […]

For Food Service and Retail Workers, 2016 is Looking Bright

food service industry jobs

Jobdiagnosis.com is thrilled to report high job gains seen last month for the retail and food service industry.  The U.S. economy added 151,000 jobs in January, and while this number is lower than the 262,000 jobs added in December 2015 (which takes into account seasonal adjustments), jobs are growing rapidly in retail and food service.  […]

Combat Self Pity: How to Stay Positive During Your Job Search

staying positive during job search

Coping with unemployment can be tough.  With what can seem to be an overwhelming amount of free time, lack of purpose and insufficient income, it’s easy to get down on yourself and lose motivation, especially when your job search efforts seem to be fruitless.  But just because you lack a steady job at the moment, […]

Dreaming of World Travel? Get a Customer Service Job!

customer service travel jobs

Do you love exploring new places and taking in new experiences, and wish to become familiar with different cultures?   You don’t have to be wealthy or highly educated to embrace the joys of worldwide travel.  There are jobs out there that will easily allow you this lifestyle, and they require very little education and experience.  […]

Nail That Customer Service Representative Job Interview!

customer service representative job interviewcustomer service representative job interview

In any job interview, you have short window of time to show off your strongest skills and personality traits.  On an interview for a customer service representative job, it is particularly important that you display the same qualities to the hiring manager that you would in a successful customer interaction.  Customer satisfaction is a key revenue […]