Dreaming of World Travel? Get a Customer Service Job!

customer service travel jobsDo you love exploring new places and taking in new experiences, and wish to become familiar with different cultures?   You don’t have to be wealthy or highly educated to embrace the joys of worldwide travel.  There are jobs out there that will easily allow you this lifestyle, and they require very little education and experience.   All you need are customer service skills and a high school diploma.  Below are four customer service jobs for people that love to travel:

1)  Tour Guide

This customer service job requires you to accommodate tourists on local tours in cities, parks and villages all over the world, offering commentary and historical information on the attractions that specific area has to offer.  Working as a tour guide can be a seasonal, full-time or independent contract job.   Many tour guides work for travel guide companies, cruise lines and hotels.  Most tour guides are given on the job training, and some states require a certification.  To excel in this customer service job, you should be friendly, energetic, physically fit and have a good memory and sense of direction.  The average annual salary for a tour guide is about $24,000.

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2)  Flight Attendant

This customer service jobs allows you to travel virtually non-stop.  Flight attendants provide personal services to fulfill the safety and comfort needs of airplane passengers.   Most flight attendants typically fly 65 to 85 hours a week. To become a flight attendant, you need to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, and preferably have some prior customer service work experience.  The airline you work for will put you through training that takes about 3 to 6 weeks.  To be a successful flight attendant, you should be attentive, physically fit, have strong problem solving skills and the ability to be level-headed in emergency situations.  The average annual salary for a flight attendant is between $37,000 and $38,000.

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3)  Yachtie/Yacht Stewardess

This customer service job allows you to always be in route to new destinations, while enjoying the open seas at the same time.  Similar to a flight attendant, yacht stewardesses (also known as “yachties”) provide hospitality services to guests on large vessels (instead of airplanes).  A good candidate for this job should have customer service and housekeeping skills, and should also be familiar with bartending and cocktail service.  It is also a plus to be First Aid certified, and to have knowledge of luxury items, since many yachties are required to select wines and cigars for guests.  The annual salary range for a yacht stewardess is anywhere between $39,000 and $96,000.

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4)  Travel Agent

This customer service job involves arranging flights, insurance, lodging and other accommodations for travelers.  A travel agent also helps travelers decide on the destinations they should travel to based on their needs and desires, handles any necessary documentation such as visas and passports, and stays abreast of weather and other details that could affect a customer’s vacation.  A successful travel agent has good interpersonal skills, is organized, good with numbers and is aware of commercial trends.  Travel agents can be employed by agencies, cruise lines, or package holiday companies.  After getting some years of experience, some travel agents become self-employed.  The average annual salary for a travel agent is about $38,000.

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