Got A High School Diploma? Apply for These High Paying Jobs

high paying jobs with only a high school diplomaLet’s face it: college just isn’t an option for everybody.  For many, it is just simply not worth the debt they will accumulate.  Besides that, it is a huge sacrifice of time that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a higher paycheck.  While society may tell us that a degree is required to make it in the world today, that is simply not the case for many people.  While a degree certainly never hurts, there are plenty of high paying jobs that only require a high school diploma.  Below are five of the top picks:

1)  Court Reporter/Stenographer

A court reporter is responsible for keeping an accurate written record of legal proceedings, and filing transcripts of those reports to be made into official records.  This job only requires a high school diploma, but you will need to undergo court reporter training and receive a certification (requirements vary depending on the state you live in).  An ideal candidate should be attentive, a fast typer, and possess good grammar.  They should also be familiar with legal, medical and business terminology often use in court proceedings.  The average salary for a court reporter is about $49,000 annually.

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2)  Mail Carrier

While mail carriers are an integral part in the everyday lives of most Americans, this job only requires a high school diploma.  Along with delivering mail along a specified route, mail carriers are responsible for notifying the postal service of any changes of address, holding mail for people that are away from their residence, and ensuring safe transportation of mail and packages.  All that responsibility comes with pretty high pay, however, at an average salary of $51,000 annually.

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3)  Farmer

All the technology in the world can never diminish the importance of high-quality food ingredients that only hard-working farmers can produce.  Farmers, ranchers and agricultural managers are responsibly for growing and raising livestock, crops and dairy products for commercial distribution.  This high-paying job produces an average salary of between $60,000 and $70,000 annually, and only requires a high school diploma.

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4)  Sales Representative

This is a job that most people can do, as long as they are good with people and passionate enough about what they are selling.  The easiest way to get into a career as a sales representative with only a high school diploma is to start out at the bottom of a company, get familiar with their products or services, and work your way up.   The more knowledgeable you get, and the more connections you make inside and outside the company, the more high-paying you can expect your job to be.   The average salary for a sales representative is approximately $57,000 annually.

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5)  Insurance claims adjuster

Claims adjusters are responsible for investigating accidents for insurance companies by gathering details from customers, police reports, witnesses, etc.  It is also the claims adjuster’s job to satisfy the customer’s needs and give them the best insurance settlement possible.   To be a successful claims adjuster you must have top notch customer service skills.  This job only requires a high school diploma, and the average salary of a claims adjuster is about $55,000 annually.

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