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Don’t Fall Prey to Summer Seasonal Job Scams!

summer seasonal jobs

As the weather gets warmer and the sun shines brighter, seasonal hiring for summer jobs is heating up rapidly.  There are still plenty of job openings to be filled, and plenty of jobseekers searching for the right fit.  But while the desire to secure a summer seasonal job tends to become greater and greater as […]

Summer is Approaching! Tips for Finding a Job in Food Service

restaurant food service jobs

With summer approaching, not only will there be plenty of jobseekers searching for seasonal jobs, but restaurants will have an abundance of open positions to fill.  Food and beverage service establishments continue to be one of the sectors adding the most jobs so far in 2016.  In April alone, the food service industry added 366,000 […]

The Best Summer Jobs for College Students 2016

best summer jobs for college students

Summer is fast approaching, and 2016 is an excellent year for college students seeking summer employment.  Unemployment is at an all time low, and there is likely to be more job openings than jobseekers for summer jobs, so students will have more choices available to them.  But if you are hoping to land a summer […]

Now is the Time to Begin Your Summer Seasonal Job Search!

summer seasonal jobs

With the first day of spring only a few weeks away, summer is within reach.  And with summer comes the search for seasonal jobs.  2016 is looking to be a good year for job growth, but in order to find the best opportunities out there high school and college students should begin taking steps to […]

Dreaming of World Travel? Get a Customer Service Job!

customer service travel jobs

Do you love exploring new places and taking in new experiences, and wish to become familiar with different cultures?   You don’t have to be wealthy or highly educated to embrace the joys of worldwide travel.  There are jobs out there that will easily allow you this lifestyle, and they require very little education and experience.  […]

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service to Angry Customers

dealing with angry customers

With Christmas and New Year’s approaching fast, the phones are ringing off the hook at your retail call center with stressed out angry customers doing last minute shopping.  You find yourself on the firing line, being called everything from “incompetent” to “negligent”, enduring threats of customers doing business elsewhere and incessant questioning as to where […]

Tips for Turning Your Seasonal Job Into a Full-Time Position

winter seasonal jobs

For someone that sees limitless opportunity in any experience, a winter seasonal job is far from a simple hourly customer support position that will end with the holidays.  Landing a seasonal job is without a doubt a worthy reason to rejoice, as it represents a new chance to meet people, build skills and who knows […]

Customer Support Seasonal Jobs in High Demand This Winter

winter seasonal jobs

With the joy and wonder of the holidays comes a lot of work.  This applies to anyone who participates in the gift-giving, entertaining, decorating and other traditions that come with this time of year, and especially people who take winter seasonal jobs in retail and customer support.  One of the upsides to all of this […]