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5 Interesting Ways to Earn Extra Money on the Side in 2016

earn extra money on the side

There have always been plenty of opportunities out there to earn extra money on the side.  You can pick up a paper route, take a night shift as a server or bartender, or work at a retail store on the weekends.  And you can always babysit or do yard work for your neighbors.  But nowadays, […]

The Most Popular Home Based Jobs of 2016

best home based jobs

Working from home is becoming a possibility for more and more people in all kinds of careers.  The trend of working from home is becoming so popular due to the advantages it offers to the employee, as well as the employer.  The value of work/life balance for employees has grown in recognition over recent years, […]

The Secret of Successful Jobseekers? Attending Job Fairs

attending job fairs

While scouring online job listings and social networks in the pursuit of employment, it’s easy for jobseekers to forget about one of the most tried-and-true job search tools: attending job fairs.  Most of us have attended at least one job fair in our lives, perhaps in grade school or college.  No matter where you live, […]

The Best Summer Jobs for College Students 2016

best summer jobs for college students

Summer is fast approaching, and 2016 is an excellent year for college students seeking summer employment.  Unemployment is at an all time low, and there is likely to be more job openings than jobseekers for summer jobs, so students will have more choices available to them.  But if you are hoping to land a summer […]

Is Going Back to Your Old Job an Option for You?

going back to an old job

In your pursuit of the ideal job, have you ever considered working for a previous employer?  Nowadays, the option of going back to an old job is becoming more and more popular for jobseekers (commonly referred to in this case as “boomerang employees”.   According to a study done by Workplacetrends.com, 76 percent of HR professionals […]

Have a Job Hopping Past? How to Explain it to Hiring Managers

job hopping

When it comes time for a job interview, a big source of anxiety for many jobseekers can be how they are going to explain to employers the frequency of times they switched jobs.  One of the most important messages you want to send to hiring managers is that you are loyal and committed, and will […]

5 of the Most Tragic Mistakes Jobseekers Make

mistakes jobseekers make

There are many steps involved in job hunting, from drafting your resume and cover letter, to finding suitable positions to apply for, to landing and getting through interviews.  Many jobseekers tend to get stuck in the same, comfortable job search habits that they have used for years, neglecting to take a look at what could […]

Outsmart Applicant Tracking Software and Get Your Resume Noticed

applicant tracking softwareapplicant tracking software

You aren’t going to have much luck applying to jobs online nowadays unless you structure your resume in a way that will agree with applicant tracking software.  Applicant tracking systems are kind of like robots for human resources; they use algorithms to search through resumes that are submitted for a particular job opening, to determine […]