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Unorthodox Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors

jobs for liberal arts majors

Some jobs cannot be pinned down to any certain major. Hiring managers for these positions are more concerned with employee skills than academic history. Having a high GPA is always recommended, but the classes you choose might not necessarily disqualify you from these positions. If you major in a subject like history, linguistics, sociology, etc., […]

Five Careers Likely to Produce Stability and a Steady Paycheck

jobs for career stability

With unemployment at the rate it currently is, many yearn for a sense of financial security that they haven’t known in quite a while.  There is really nothing that can replace the feeling of knowing where your next meal is coming from, and that your expenses are covered for the month.  Even many of those […]

Best Math and Statistics Careers

best math jobs

Math and Statistics are two excellent majors to pursue at the collegiate level. Upon graduation they provide you with excellent flexibility and open doors to many interesting careers. Having a math-focused employee on your team can be a huge benefit. Math / Stat majors work in almost every industry. Majoring in math shows that you […]

Jobs for Dog Lovers

dog lover jobs

Did you know that you can take your love for dogs and translate your passion into a steady income stream? You can start your own small business and provide an invaluable service to dog lovers around the country. People need their pets cared for, and as a result, a large and lucrative industry has been […]

Qualities of a Bad Manager

bad management

Everyone has had their experiences with bad managers. If you haven’t then consider yourself lucky, because it can make for a stressful and strenuous work week. Bad managers not only decrease worker morale, but their tactics can also decrease productivity. If employees are not motivated to work hard for their manager then the organization will […]

Top 5 Hospitality Jobs

best hospitality jobs

Working in the hospitality industry definitely has its advantages. If you enjoy spending most of your time around people and providing a high level of customer service then you should look no further. Hotels are big business, and as a result there are numerous departments available for the right candidates. Colleges around the country provide […]

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