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best math jobs

Math and Statistics are two excellent majors to pursue at the collegiate level. Upon graduation they provide you with excellent flexibility and open doors to many interesting careers. Having a math-focused employee on your team can be a huge benefit. Math / Stat majors work in almost every industry. Majoring in math shows that you have excellent problem solving skills. Entry-level candidates should consider applying to one of the following jobs, because although they may or may not be directly related to mathematics, the skills that you develop n college will make you an excellent fit. Whether you want to work for a large financial institution or a small educational establishment, the possibilities for a math major are endless. They are highly sought after job candidates.

Best Jobs for Math / Statistics Majors

1.)    Teacher

Average Salary – $43,000

Being a math major requires a lot of time, effort, patience, and diligence. It’s a difficult subject and you have to study to be successful. New concepts are being thrown your way 24/7 so you need to be able to adjust. Often times Math students work together on homework or when they study for exams. If you’ve had experience helping or tutoring others, you could turn this action into a career. Math teachers are essential, and the demand for quality teachers who can reach students will always be high. Having a good math teacher can have a dramatic impact on the rest of your life, because if you learn problem solving skills at a young age it will help you as you decide which career you would like to pursue. Math teachers will be the lowest remunerated professionals on this list, but you will have good vacations and summers off. They can pursue other lucrative opportunities in the time away from the classroom if money becomes an issue.

2.)    Financial Services

Average Salary – $74,000

Let’s keep this a broad category, because Math majors can handle roles all around the financial services industry. Whether you are working as a financial analyst, and risk management professional, or even for private equity groups, Math majors can have a dramatic impact on the overall effectiveness of whichever organization they are affiliated with. These professionals excel in an analytics role, but they aren’t locked down to it. If you want to pursue a career in financial services, then you need to try getting your foot in the door at a lower-level position, and work your way up through the ranks. Having the problem solving skills that a math education provides for you will be a valuable asset to any team.

3.)    Computer Science

Average Salary – $73,000

Many people fail to realize the importance of a solid math background in the computer sciences field. For high level positions, it’s an essential discipline. Computers operate using algorithms and other mathematical processes, so understanding how they work is of great importance. If you major in Computer Science, be ready to take several difficult math classes. Math majors are excellent in this field, because they understand these theories. You just might need to pursue higher education and work towards your master’s degree if you want to earn a six figure position.

4.)    Statistician

Average Salary – $75,000

Statistics is an excellent field to study because of the multiple job opportunities that it will provide you upon graduation. Statisticians work in basically every industry, and their expertise / analysis can provide excellent value for their team. If politics is of interest to you, then consider a role in political polling during voting season. If sports is your thing, apply as a sports statistician. There are so many stats available in sports nowadays, so your services would be essential. Professional teams pay big money for this service, because it helps them analyze players and make projections into the future. Whichever industry you choose, keep in mind that you will be a highly sought after job candidate, so choose wisely.

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