Top 5 Hospitality Jobs

best hospitality jobs

Working in the hospitality industry definitely has its advantages. If you enjoy spending most of your time around people and providing a high level of customer service then you should look no further. Hotels are big business, and as a result there are numerous departments available for the right candidates. Colleges around the country provide relevant degree programs which make it easier to get your foot in the door and land a high level hospitality position. The main focus in this article will be on hotels, food & beverage jobs, restaurants, and event planning. Hospitality can be a well-remunerated industry if you take the correct educational / career path. So read along if you’d like to find out the top 5 jobs in hospitality.

1.)    Head Chef

Average Annual Salary – $45,000

Creating delicious food and managing the kitchen only scrape the surface of a chefs duties. They also create work schedules, manage food costs, and choose daily ingredients / specials. A good head chef is paramount in the success of any restaurant. There are many ways to ascend the ranks in this position, but the best way it to get your education in culinary arts. Having the educational background can help you land jobs in better restaurants, although you may need to start out as a sous chef or kitchen assistant before you take on a head chef role. The head chef salary is deflated by the numerous positions at chain and lower end restaurants, but many chefs make upwards of six-figures in the classier establishments. Be prepared to work your way up.

2.)    Concierge

Average Annual Salary – $16,000

Being a concierge won’t net you a glamorous income, but that’s not the point. The quality of life is excellent and you will have direct exposure and influence on daily guest activities. Whether you are recommending a restaurant or helping guests book tickets to an event, a concierge does it all. You cannot truly pin down the duties of a concierge because they span far and wide. Be ready to assist guests with whatever they need.

3.)    Hotel Manger

Average Annual Salary – $150,000

If you work in the hospitality industry this should be your ultimate career goal. Hotel managers oversee hotel operations and ensure that day to day activities are running smoothly. They ensure that financial goals are being met and that high priority clients have everything they need. Usually customer oriented careers don’t pay too well, but this job is clearly the exception to that rule. The nicer the hotel, the higher the salary. If you want to be a high level hotel manager, get a bachelor’s degree and consider graduate school. The more education the better.

4.)    Bartender

Average Annual Salary – $28,000

Bartenders have appeared on many of our top 5 lists and for good reason. It’s a high paying part time job that does not require formal education. If you are just starting out you could consider attending a bartending school, but be careful because there are no guarantees that you will land a job after you graduate. You might need to start out as a bar back. Bartenders earn and hourly wage at or above minimum wage and also receive tips. $1-2 per drink is usually the average. If you work in a high volume establishment, this could mean good money night in and night out. It’s not out of the question for bartenders to earn one hundred dollars of more during a shift.

5.)    Table Dealer

Average Annual Salary – $15,000

Table game dealers can earn amazing tips. If you are a good, sociable dealer and your table is having good luck, you will be tipped accordingly. If you get into high roller games, this number will only increase. On average table game dealers earn between $50-300 per night in tips. So, even though you earn minimum wage, the cash tips will be excellent. The casino will train you to succeed, but it helps to have a foundation and understanding of the games before entering this career path.

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