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dog lover jobs

Did you know that you can take your love for dogs and translate your passion into a steady income stream? You can start your own small business and provide an invaluable service to dog lovers around the country. People need their pets cared for, and as a result, a large and lucrative industry has been built around this need. Many fail to realize how much work owning a dog will be, so that is where these professionals come into play. Whatever path you choose to specialize in there will always be jobs available. It might take some hard work and dedication, but that’s usually the case with any career. So, if you are interested in the best jobs for dog lovers, then read on!

Best Jobs for Dog Lovers

1.)    Groomer

Grooming dogs is way harder than it looks. It’s not a simple cut and go operation. Grooming requires patience and skill. Groomers can work in either a retail / service-oriented setting, and if you hone your craft and display your business acumen, you could be running your own show one day. The average pay for dog groomers falls between $10-15 per hour, but these number increase significantly if you own your own business.

2.)    Walker

Most of the time dog walkers are self-employed. You could work for a company or organization but it will surely be a small one. The best way to start your own service is to start young and gather as many positive references as you possibly can. Professionals all over the world require dog walking services, especially since the average workday for high-level professionals hover around 12 or more per day. You’d simply show up once a day and charge by distance or time. Some dog walkers handle multiple clients at once. A very well-known former dog walker, Caesar Millan, started his career in this manner. It’s a great job for dog lovers!

3.)    Trainer

There are many professional organizations that will help you gain certification for training animals. You won’t make a ton of money working as an animal trainer in retail, but it’s an excellent place to gain some experience. Dog training is an entirely results based job—if people don’t see results they will never come back to your service, and they won’t recommend it to their friends. You need to focus on meeting your obligations and making your clients happy. Dog trainers in retail earn the standard $10-15 per hour, and can make significantly more by starting their own service. It’s not uncommon for trainers to charge $500 dollars per animal for an eight or ten week training session one hour per week. People will always pay a healthy premium to ensure the proper care and socialization of their beloved pets.

4.)    Agility / Sports

This is similar to a trainer, but taken to a more advanced level. Dog agility is an excellent way to keep your animal engaged and exercise it properly. Every dog needs exercise as an outlet to release energy in a positive manner. This will require some commercial space and a sizeable investment to cover your startup costs, but if you understand the process and have the motivation to succeed, the sky is the limit. High level dog training is an excellent way to generate income. We can’t put an accurate salary figure on this position, but some dog agility and sports trainers are making six figures. It all depends on your reputation, level of expertise, and city that you operate your business in. People in major cities will always pay a higher premium for these types of services.

5.)    Breeder

Most dog breeders don’t do it for the money. They have a true love of providing pure breds to owners across the country. Breeding animals requires a lot of time, effort, and space. You need to know exactly what you are doing. If it’s something that interests you, it’s highly recommended that you take an apprenticeship or try to land a gig with one of your local breeders. The average salary for breeders is around $35,000 per year, which is an excellent salary considering that breeding is a part time job. You’ll need to be around 24-7 to care for the animals, but it’s an excellent way for stay at home residents to assist in mortgage payments and utility bills. Breeders take pride in providing an excellent service, and the highest earners are those who are the most diligent. Pick the breed you love and run with it—just make sure that you have the proper licensure.

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