Top 5 Jobs for Beer Lovers

careers for beer lovers

Today’s job market is substantially different from what is once was. As a result, many new and exciting positions have been created to suit the needs of our ever changing economy. The beer industry has taken a massive shift, and many craft breweries have started to pop up all around the country. If you consider yourself a true beer lover and would like to pursue a career in this industry, you certainly have options. Take a look at our list of the top 5 jobs for beer lovers and see if anything is of interest to you. You could find your ideal career!

Jobs for Beer Connoisseurs

1.)    Brew Master

Average Salary – $38,900

The craft beer revolution has created a necessity for high quality beer brewers. If beer making is your passion, you should try starting small so you can perfect it. Then, to pursue it at the professional level, take a job as an apprentice at a local brewery. There are also many certification programs available to provide you with the training you will need to be successful. Becoming a brew master will require dedication and a willingness to learn, but it can be a highly rewarding career. The top brew masters at large breweries earn over six figures, so your salary will largely depend on the success of the organization that you work for.

2.)    Sales Representative

Average Salary – $38,000

The average salary for sales representatives is largely dependent on many factors. The more you sell, the more you make. Since this position is largely based on commission, you will need to have a solid work ethic and determination to move product. You will also need to display immense knowledge about your products. Being able to explain the intricacies of the beer will help you land more sales. It’s a great job for a beer lover because you will be talking with clients all day about your product. If you are a heavy volume seller for a large organization, you can make six figures. Realistically, you will probably make somewhere around the national average, especially if you are early in your career. It won’t require a bachelor’s degree, although it would help to have a solid educational background when you are looking for higher level positions.

3.)    Events Rep

Average Salary – Varies

As an events rep, you will spend most of your work day traveling and setting up events at various locations in order to move and promote your product. You might be seen at concert venues, outdoor festivals, or company meetings. Your main responsibility will be promoting sales and raising public awareness for your products. It’s a great job for those who love beer, and you will be required to sample the product so you can explain to customers what sets your product aside from the competition. Keep in mind that this is a part-time job, but it can be an excellent way to gain supplemental income.

4.)    Materials Planner

Average Salary – $50,000

This position usually will only exist in the bigger brewing companies. You will be responsible for planning, shipping, and acquiring raw materials and packaging supplies to create and ship your product around the country or even worldwide in some instances. You need to procure high quality ingredients, and you will gain relationships with the suppliers. Creating a solid distribution schedule is also essential, so a general knowledge of trucking and import/export procedures is always a plus. It’s related to logistics, and you will likely need a bachelor’s degree.

5.)    Packaging

Average Salary – $25,000

Packaging in the beer industry makes the cut because it’s an excellent way to get your foot in the door. Often times the better jobs are given to people within an organization, and if you display your willingness to work hard and make sacrifices for the company, a promotion will soon follow. Packaging workers operate in all three shifts, and often times people work in this capacity as a second job. You won’t make a ton of money, but the important thing is that you will make connections. Sometimes getting your foot in the door is all your need to land a solid promotion later in your career. Just be willing to relocate, because sometimes the only positions available are hundreds of miles away. Make it clear you will do whatever it takes to succeed and good things will happen.

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