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The Significance of Social Media in Job Search

Do not ignore social media in your job hunt

The entire world of the internet is abuzz with social media. Today, people spend hours on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There are several reasons for which people use these websites. Those of you searching for a job can use social media to your benefits. In fact, a good number of candidates in […]

A Neat Little Guide to Becoming a Nurse

How to become a nurse

Jobs in the healthcare industry continue to grow faster than the average of other occupations despite a sluggish economy. If you have a strong passion for helping patients live a healthier life, healthcare is just the right area of work to be employed in. One of the most sought-after jobs in healthcare or medical industry […]

Video Interview: 5 Important Tips for Achieving Success

Tips for video interview

Who doesn’t like to save time and money? Today’s hiring managers are using video interviewing for screening job applicants initially. This trend has already caught up with many employers worldwide. One of the biggest benefits of video interviewing is that it allows a recruiter or employer to quickly interview those candidates that live in a […]

5 Construction Jobs That Pay High Salaries

Highest paying construction jobs

The construction industry offers a wide range of employment opportunities, for the less as well as highly qualified. Even in the face of a tough economy, there are several jobs in the construction field with rapid growth. Whether you take salary, job prospects, level of stress or career growth opportunities into consideration, there are several […]

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