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Community Health Outreach Jobs: Transforming Society

community healthcare workers

Finding the proper healthcare and insurance can be a headache for many people.  There may be affordable services and treatments that could deliver huge benefits to many Americans who are just not aware the services are available.  For low income individuals with serious health conditions, this is a particularly serious issue.  And if more people […]

Best Jobs in Healthcare Without a Medical Degree

pharmacist jobs

The healthcare industry is ever-growing and ever-evolving.  The need for it will never go away, and nowadays the demand for quality healthcare is greater than ever, with longer life expectancies and expanded insurance coverage for the population under Obamacare.  Of course, healthcare is an attractive profession to work in because not only can it be […]

Pursuing a Career in Medical Radiologic Technology

radiologic technologist

Due to the outstanding technological advances taking place in the healthcare field, medical radiologic technology is one of the most rapidly growing career fields in the United States. Technology now allows medical conditions such as cancer, heart issues and prenatal health problems to be detected and treated earlier than ever.  As a result, more and […]

Medical Coder Jobs

medical coding

Medical Coding Jobs are abundant in the health care industry. They work for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other health care locations to maintain accurate reimbursement for health care claims. The best way to earn a Medical Coder Job is to pursue an associates degree or certificate program. As with most health care positions, the benefits […]