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The Importance of Solid Networking

best networking tips

There are still many “old school” business and workplace habits that you should always adopt, like a firm handshake and not being habitually late for meetings or events. However, we are quickly moving towards a society that is almost exclusively based online, and the importance of networking has never been higher. Building up your social […]

Best Tech Companies to Work For

best tech companies

There are multiple tech companies in America that offer great perks to their employees in order to strengthen morale and provide a work environment that facilitates happiness and reduced stress. These companies are some of the biggest players in the tech industry, and have the resources to treat their employees the right way. These rankings […]

How to Refine Your Social Media Profiles for a Better Job Search

Social media tweaks

Most hiring managers, employers, and potential recruiters are using social media to find the right talents. A job applicant’s or jobseeker’s social media profiles speak volumes about their professional aspirations. According to a recent study, social media helped at least 1 in 6 jobseekers. As social media continues to dominate different industries, more and more […]

How to Use Social Media to Build Your Personal Brand

Build your personal brand

People have found several uses of social media. Like many other important things, social media also plays a key role in the hiring process. According to a survey conducted recently, over 90% employers or hiring managers go to social media websites for screening job applicants. Therefore, social media platforms have proved to be excellent for […]

The Significance of Social Media in Job Search

Do not ignore social media in your job hunt

The entire world of the internet is abuzz with social media. Today, people spend hours on social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. There are several reasons for which people use these websites. Those of you searching for a job can use social media to your benefits. In fact, a good number of candidates in […]

5 Reasons to Create a LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn, world’s largest professional networking platform, is one of the most powerful tools in a jobseeker’s hands. In an age where social media has pervaded into the human life in so many ways, searching for jobs without utilizing social media websites is completely foolish, and unimaginable. The modern-day jobseeker clearly understands what benefits including LinkedIn […]