Best Tech Companies to Work For

best tech companiesThere are multiple tech companies in America that offer great perks to their employees in order to strengthen morale and provide a work environment that facilitates happiness and reduced stress. These companies are some of the biggest players in the tech industry, and have the resources to treat their employees the right way. These rankings are taking into effect how employees rated their CEO, business strategy, and the pros and cons of working for the company. There are literally thousands of great tech companies to work for that all have their own benefits, but this list is the cream of the crop. You should be working to move into one of these organizations, because you will likely earn a better salary and have an overall better quality of life.

Best Tech Companies

#1 Facebook

Facebook is a great company to work for because they have many incredible perks for their employees, and they pay incredibly well when compared to other players in the industry. They have on-site nurses and healthcare programs, a great gym, a chiropractor, an acupuncture center, and areas for employees to relax during the work day. This business strategy is smart, because by increasing working benefits and perks, you are simultaneously increasing their efficiency and morale. Work becomes a place that employees desire to be, which makes Facebook an incredible place to work. Also, Facebook is constantly growing so your future job prospects would look good.

#2 Twitter

The popularity of social media has led to many new tech companies rising to the top of the sector, and Twitter is no exception. Employees enjoy the benefits of working for this company, including free food with great chefs cooking it, managers who work closely with their employees to provide transparency and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, and the occasional famous person walking around the office. It must be great to work for an organization that values their employees, and provides everything they need to be as productive as possible. Employees also enjoy the higher pay, and typically approve of their CEO and upper-management.

#3 Google

Google has long been considered an excellent place to work, and for good reason. It’s top of the line when it comes to tech companies, and employs some of the smartest people from around the world to help with every day business. With that being said, there is also a trade off to working at Google, because the volume of work can be stressful. Employees report working longer hours than the industry average, but the perks of working at Google make those hours worthwhile. They provide many amenities for their workers, including a daycare, great insurance benefits, free haircuts, gyms with swimming pools and lifeguards, and free laundry / dry cleaning services.

#4 LinkedIn

Be ready to have all your internet profiles in order, because working for a social media company (including Facebook and Twitter) will require it. The CEO of LinkedIn has an incredibly high approval rating, meaning that his employees enjoy working for him and have a positive outlook on the future of the company. They offer free food and the opportunity to travel for work. Also, there is significant room for advancement, so your opportunities will be limitless if you are a good worker. LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the most important steps in the hiring process, because your profile can be more descriptive than a resume and it allows you to make connections you otherwise would never have had. It’s a powerful tool, and a great place to work.

Working for one of these tech companies should be your goal if you work in this sector. They have excellent business models, and will continue to grow as the internet continues to expand worldwide. The room for growth cannot be ignored, and you will enjoy the perks and benefits that they provide. 

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